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Company Offsite Ideas & Team Building Activities

Here is our list of the creative company offsite ideas and team building activities.

Company offsites are team-building events held somewhere other than the office. These events can last one afternoon or for multiple days. For example, Top Golf, Escape Rooms, and Geocaching. The purpose of these events is to develop relationships among team members. These events are also known as “team offsites”, “corporate offsites”, and “work offsites.”

These gatherings are similar to company retreats and virtual team retreats and are an example of a team meeting idea.

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Here we go!

List of company offsite ideas

Here is a list of locations to hold offsite team meetings and out-of-the-box outside meeting ideas.

1. Movie Night

Movie theatres are fantastic company offsite locations. Movies are entertaining, and movie theatres are nostalgic. To plan an offsite meeting at a movie theatre, speak to your local cinema about renting out a private theatre. Most companies offer new and older movies to choose from. As part of the evening, plan some icebreaker or team-building activities. Or create and project your video to make the meeting more epic. Forget PowerPoint slides, entertain your team with an epic meeting video presentation before the show.

Here is a list of movies about teams.

2. Paintball

If you are looking for activities for company offsites, then consider paintball. Many organizations offer paintball courses. These providers will offer everything you need, from paintball guns to courses to protective gear.

Paintball is great for developing teamwork and problem-solving skills. Team members need to work together to complete tasks like capturing the flag. During the game, coworkers will rely on each other and communicate clearly. At the end of the game, team members will learn about themselves and their coworkers.

3. Game Night

A good old-fashioned game night is a fantastic way to deepen relationships among team members. Depending on the size of the group, there are a couple of different ways to host this event. The game night could take place at a team member’s house for small teams. For large groups, rent out a conference room.

Tip: movie theatres rent out rooms, and you do not have to show a movie. You can use these theatres to host a game night or other corporate event. You could have a classic movie playing in the background to set a fun mood.

During the game night, ask participants to bring their favorite board or card game. Be sure to set up several tables or areas where participants can play different games. Throughout the night, team members can choose which game to play and mingle with coworkers. Be sure to have food and drinks available, either catered or brought by the team.

Here is a list of team building board games.

4. Golf or Topgolf

Golfing is an excellent activity for a company offsite because the sport involves a variety of skills t. Team members do not have to be expert golfers or even in great physical shape to enjoy a game of golf. Plus, there are golf courses available everywhere. To plan a golf outing, call around to some local courses to check pricing and availability. Many courses will work with groups and offer discount pricing, especially during weekdays. To be considerate of all players, ask about golf carts and food or drink packages.

Topgolf, on the other hand, is one of the most fun work offsite ideas. This event has something for everyone, and no golf experience is necessary. Topgolf is a game where players hit golf balls with microchips at giant targets on a field. There are games for team members of all skills. Not to mention, Top Golf offers plenty of food and drink options. Your team will spend the day bonding, eating, and having fun.

Check here for a list of Topgolf locations.

5. Escape Room

Escape Rooms are creative ideas for offsite meetings. These activities are out of the ordinary and require problem-solving and cooperation. The escape room host will lock team members in a room, and players must solve riddles and find clues to break free. There is a time limit, as well. Before the hour is up, teams must find the key to open the door or lose.

To plan an escape room, check for local companies that offer this activity. Usually, there will be fun themes, like speakeasies, doctor’s offices, and haunted houses.

Check out this list of DIY escape room ideas.

6. Company Field Day

Field days are fun and active company offsite ideas. It is easy to plan a field day with supplies already on hand, and these events are usually cost-effective. If you hold the experience at a park or public place, then there will be a very small or no rental fee, as well.

For a field day, line up several games that team members can play.

Some examples are:

  • Three-legged race: pairs of team members have one leg tied to the other player. Each team must race from one end of a field to the other.
  • Egg toss: two team members toss and catch a fresh egg back and forth. Throughout the game, players slowly take steps backward. The last team not to drop their egg wins.
  • Egg drop: give each player an egg and a spoon. Participants must race across a field with an egg on their spoon as fast as possible.
  • Over-under: for this game, have team members get in a straight line facing the same direction. Next, give the first person an object, like a ball or balloon. The first player passes the object over their head to the next player. Then, the second player passes the object to the third person by going between their legs. Repeat this over-under process until the object makes it to the end of the line.
  • Kickball: this recreational game is great for teams to play. You need two teams, bases, and a ball. The fielding team will “pitch” the ball by rolling it to the kicking team. The kicking team will try to get players around the bases to score a point. This game is similar to baseball.

Field days require team members to collaborate, make decisions, and problem solve. Participants will develop skills while having fun.

Check out these company field day event ideas, and for similar events, check out Office Olympics.

7. Cooking Class

Cooking classes are suitable for building team morale and are also delicious. As a team, you can learn more about a specific culture or type of food during these lessons. Cooking classes can be simple or complicated to fit the group’s abilities. To organize a cooking class, check local civic centers or YMCAs, or book a lesson with a private provider. During cooking classes, team members need to communicate and accept criticism. However, at the end of the activity, delicious food is the reward for the effort.

Here is a list of online cooking class providers.

8. Beach Day

If you live near an ocean, then beach days are a great way to build relationships. However, you can have a beach day even if you are not near the sea. Many lakes and large rivers will have beach areas, often with pavilions and grills. Planning a beach day starts with reserving a spot with your local parks and recreation department.

During the beach day, ask employees to bring their favorite snacks and drinks, plus towels and camp chairs. When the group is at the beach, team members can also play team-building games. Beach days will develop relationships and encourage camaraderie.

9. Karaoke

Karaoke is one of the most creative ideas for offsite meetings. This activity encourages coworkers to get out of their comfort zone. By having a casual hangout in a fun atmosphere, team members will see each other both as coworkers and as friends.

To plan this activity, find a local restaurant or bar that hosts karaoke nights or a karaoke lounge. If a night out is not possible, then you can plan a karaoke afternoon instead. You also have the option of hosting a karaoke event. If you have access to a screen and a karaoke machine, then your group can sing in-office or at a team member’s home. This option might be more comfortable for team members, as signers will know everyone in the audience.

10. Volunteer

Volunteering is a fantastic way to give back to the community and encourage relationships among team members. There are many ways to volunteer together. For starters, get a feeling for what causes matter most to the team. For example, if many team members have kids, then maybe a book drive for local elementary schools is in order. Or, if there is a large homeless population in your area, then taking an afternoon to deliver food and water would be meaningful. If you would rather not plan an event, then search out non-profits in your area. These organizations often need volunteers and have options for corporate or group service.

11. BBQ Cookout

Food and fun are sure to encourage relationships and boost morale. A cookout is a great way to accomplish both of these tasks. If your team has the budget, then consider contracting out the cooking. Many chefs will grill food at a park or public place. As a bonus, this BBQ is usually delicious. Or, make this cookout a potluck. If you rent a park that has BBQ grills available, then ask everyone to bring meat or vegetables to cook along with a dessert or side to share.

Coworkers can spend time getting to know each other with full stomachs. An afternoon grilling comes with free time. Consider planning some yard games or relay races that encourage teamwork.

12. Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun and unique activity that uses a navigational device to locate hidden objects or prizes. Many hobbyists participate by hiding “caches” and marking the location so that other seekers can find the hordes. Folks have hidden items all over the world.

To go geocaching as a team, at least one person will need an account with Geocaching. Through this account, you can see what “geocaches” are nearby. Then, as your team works together to find the item, they will practice problem solving and communication skills. Plus, solving the mystery and finding a prize is satisfying for all.

13. Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are incredibly popular attractions for folks of all ages. Many locations offer adult-only evenings or allow you to rent out sections of the part for your group. Trampoline parks are a great way to burn off energy and have fun.

You can check with a local trampoline park to see if the location offers private reservations for groups of adults. Many organizations make these reservations during the day. In addition, organizers may run team building activities during the event, like obstacle courses or relay races.

14. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are awesome activities for company offsites. These events require team members to work together to solve problems and riddles. There are many ways to organize a team scavenger hunt, from planning your clues to booking a fully facilitated scavenger hunt.

To plan your scavenger hunt, divide your group into teams. Depending on the location of your scavenger hunt, consider what clues the teams will use throughout the hunt. For example, you can plan the scavenger hunt at a mall, downtown, at a park, or even at a museum or zoo. The clues should match the location of the scavenger hunt. For example, if you plan the hunt at a zoo, then the clues can involve finding certain animals or finding items in specific exhibits. Then, ask participants to take a selfie at each location.

Here is a list of DIY scavenger hunt clues and ideas.

15. Museum Tour

If you live near a large city with museums, then scheduling a private tour is a wonderful way to host a company offsite day. Many museums will work with groups to plan a private event. Dossiers will even focus on what is most interesting to those attending. Often, museums have conference rooms and common spaces where you can hold workshops, meetings, and team building activities.

If you do not live near a large city, then you should still check your local area. It might surprise you what is available. Many smaller or medium-sized towns have impressive museums, as well.

Check out these unconventional museum tours in a variety of cities.

16. Take a Hike

Hiking is a great way to escape the office and enjoy nature. Exercise allows team members to bond in a nonconventional way. Struggling to finish a strenuous hike will help participants build resilience.

A quick search on a site like All Trails will help you find a trail in your area for a company hike. Be sure to consider the difficulty and length of the hike and plan accordingly. For longer hikes, plan for snacks and extra hydration.

Here are more outdoor team building ideas.

17. Take a Class

Recreation centers are an untapped resource in many communities. These centers offer a variety of classes, from cooking to arts and crafts to comedy. To plan a fun class, call your local recreation center and see offerings available. If there is enough interest or participants, then many centers will create special classes. To plan a lesson for your team, gauge the group for interesting and popular topics.

Another option would be to hire an expert to offer a class to your group. Many artists, chefs, and other professionals teach educational classes to groups.

18. Amazing Race

Amazing Race is a unique show in which pairs of people race around the world in an attempt to win $1,000,000. While there is no prize money in corporate versions of the game, hosting an amazing race event for your team is a great way to practice real-life work skills. To host an amazing race event, divide your group into pairs or small teams. The clues and challenges will depend on where you are hosting the event. Your amazing race event can be as complex or simple as necessary. Team members will appreciate a chance to get out of the office and interact with coworkers.

Here is a list of fun Amazing Race ideas for work.

19. Wine Tasting

While wine-tasters once had to go to specific regions to taste wine, now folks can likely find a winery within driving distance. Planning a wine-tasting event is fun and educational for all involved. To set up a wine tasting, look for a local winery or tasting room that can accommodate small groups. Many locations will take reservations and even provide food if requested. Team members will learn something new and enjoy time with each other.

Here is a list of online wine tasting experiences.


Company offsite ideas are ways to build morale among team members by organizing fun and entertaining activities. Your team can either organize these events or have them facilitated by professionals. Throughout these events, team members will work together to solve problems. Participants have fun and develop closer relationships. In addition, a change of scenery can prompt creativity and break team members out of the everyday routine.

For more relevant resources, check out these lists of destination management companies, event planning books, and event management platforms.

FAQ: Company Offsites

Here are answers to questions about company offsites.

What are company offsites?

Throughout the corporate world, company offsites are very popular. These activities allow coworkers to take part in activities away from their typical workplace.

What is the purpose of company offsites?

The purpose of these company offsites is to build morale among team members. As a result, teams generally become more productive and report better quality of life.

What are some creative company offsite ideas?

Some creative company offsite ideas are museum tours, karaoke nights, beach days, or a paintball expedition.

What is the dress code for company offsites?

The dress code for a company offsite depends on the activity planned. For example, a beach day will require participants to wear bathing suits. However, planning a paintball outing will require participants to wear protective gear.

How do you plan a company offsite?

First, consider what you will be doing and where you will host the event to plan a company offsite. After booking the venue, consider what food you will need and how you will provide it. If transportation to and from the event is necessary, then plan accordingly. You will want to hand out a company offsite agenda in advance. It is also smart to ask for feedback from attendees after the event.

How do you make a company offsite successful?

For a successful company offsite, ensure you have a clear plan. Be sure to consider who handles each part of the event and that they have what they need. It is best to set goals with timelines, as well. An offsite team agenda will keep all planners on task. Finally, consider the interests of your team along with time and budget.

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