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20 Best Company Outing Ideas in San Francisco, CA

Here is our list of the best company outing ideas in San Francisco, California.

Company outing ideas in San Francisco include places, activities, and adventures that can make team outings fun and highly engaging. Examples include Mr Treasure Hunt, The Great Guac Off, and Musée Mécanique sightseeing. The purpose of these ideas is to provide employees with a fun experience while enhancing team-building.

These events includes indoor team activities and outdoor team building ideas as well as options for company offsites.

This list includes:

  • group outing ideas for adults in San Francisco
  • team building outings in San Francisco
  • work team outings in San Francisco
  • corporate outings in San Francisco

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List of company outing ideas in San Francisco

Company outings are a great way to bring teams together and boost engagement. From Split The Wood Axe Throwing to ScavBoss, here are some activities and places you can use for your next corporate outing in San Francisco.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is one of the fully hosted corporate outings in San Francisco. The event will last for 90 minutes and includes fun trivia games designed by experts. You will work in teams, playing rounds of quiz games.

Your team will need more than just knowing random facts to win. Ultimate Trivia Showdown is great for team-building, encouraging participants to work together. Regardless of your group’s size, you must notify the host of bookings at least two weeks ahead.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. Museum Hack

This museum tour is a hosted event that is customizable to match the experience your corporate group seeks. Your team will experience a fun outing and engage in exciting activities like icebreakers, leadership stories, and teamwork stories. Experts designed these activities to be highly engaging for large and small groups.

The event can contain more than 300 guests in a session, lasting two hours and sometimes involving wine.

Learn more about Museum Hack.

3. Split The Wood Axe Throwing

This activity, organized by Split The Wood, is a fun idea for work team outings in San Francisco. You do not need to be an experienced axe thrower to participate as a coach will guide the team during the event. There are two packages available priced at $499 and $649 for two hours. You can either have one or two axe throwing targets based on the selected package.

Axe throwing is safe as long as the participants follow instructions and throw responsibly.

Learn more about Split The Wood Axe Throwing.

4. ScavBoss

ScavBoss offers fun scavenger hunt adventures great for your corporate outings. The challenge will last for 90 to 120 minutes as either an outdoor or indoor experience. Also, you can customize the adventure to suit a themed event or your company’s objectives.

In this hosted event, you and your team will visit areas like museums, historical landmarks, and neighborhoods. While the scavenger hunts are challenging, you will find that the adventures do not involve overly complex clues. Instead, the search focuses on delivering a fun experience through teamwork and strategic thinking.

ScavBoss may be perfect for your team.

5. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off can be a stand-alone event or a part of your corporate event activities. The 90 minutes activity involves a fully hosted session of competitive guacamole-making.

Your team’s experience will revolve around three fun activities. The first activity starts with a trivia called ‘Trivia-cado.’ After, your team will play a fun game before competing to make the best guacamole. For the third activity, you will find out which team won the competition.

Furthermore, you can have this event in almost any location, including your office or a conference center. The organizer will provide your team with everything you need, ranging from guacamole ingredients to party hosts and group photos. You can also book the event as a BYOB experience and include extras like catering, gift bags, and a team meal.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

6. Escapology Escape Room

Escapology hosts a series of real-life Escape games suitable for team building outings in San Francisco. The escape rooms have intriguing themes like:

  • Antidote: This adventure takes you to a rogue scientist’s laboratory to find an antidote. You must escape with the cure before the laboratory self-destructs.
  • Narco: Your old school friend wants you to join his drug cartel and locks you up in a room. You must escape the room with sufficient evidence to turn the drug lord in.
  • Mystery Mansion: Following the mysterious murder of your grandfather, you must find hidden clues to prove your innocence, evade arrest, and gain your inheritance.

Each event lasts for one hour. The booking pricing is between $34.99 and $39.99 per player, depending on the day you make a reservation. The games are ideal for teams with two to six players, while larger groups can reserve multiple rooms. Escapology also offers group packages for teams of 10 to 100 players.

Learn more about Escapology Escape Room.

7. Bistro Boudin Museum and Bakery Tour

Bistro Boudin is a famous restaurant in San Francisco that hosts a tour showcasing their bakery museum. Team members get to view exhibits portraying Boudin’s growth and watch expert bakers at work.

You can also sign up for Boudin’s Roll with the Bakers program for your team-building events. The program will show you how to roll and shape bread. Also, you and other participants will each get a gift in the form of pre-baked Teddy bear sourdough.

Aside from the unique museum tour, Bistro Boudin can also help you plan your corporate events. You can book private or semi-private dining with the menu available in various templates like a buffet, hors d’oeuvres, and plated menu.

Learn more about Bistro Boudin Museum and Bakery.

8. Musée Mécanique Sightseeing

One of the best company outing ideas in San Francisco is to go sightseeing at the Musée Mécanique located on Pier 45 Fisherman’s Wharf. You will find an extensive collection of artifacts like coin-operated pianos, small bird boxes, animations, video games, and antique slot machines in this place. Admission to the Musée Mécanique is free.

Also, the sightseeing offers your team members, who grew up in the bay area, an opportunity to recall fun experiences like Playland at the Beach, the Cliff House, and Sutro Baths. Team members can learn about these experiences and other artifacts.

Learn more about Musée Mécanique Sightseeing.

9. Mr Treasure Hunt

Mr Treasure Hunt provides fun adventures for teams all over the Bay Area. An exciting aspect of these adventures is that you can explore many neighborhoods and museums in San Francisco. For instance:

  • Exploratorium Museum
  • Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 39
  • Golden Gate Park
  • North Beach/Chinatown
  • San Francisco Zoo

The adventure involves finding clues that will lead the team to a location in the selected area. The host will tailor the experience to fit your team’s expectations. Also, there is a photo section where your team can take pictures and show off their creativity. The price for the experience will vary based on the number of participants and the level of customization your group wants.

Learn more about Mr Treasure Hunt.

10. Winery Collective Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting is one of the unique group outing ideas for adults in San Francisco. Winery Collective hosts a wine tasting session excellent for team-building activities, conferences, and other corporate events. You can book the experience as a private or semi-private event for 10 to 75 guests.

Also, there are four different wine flights of five wines you can choose. After selecting your flight and tasting, you can ship the wines home.

Learn more about Winery Collective Wine Tasting.

11. Mission Bowling Club

Missing Bowling Club dining and games are suitable for team outings and corporate events. The company has six bowling lanes. The three categories for private bookings are:

  • Large Party at the Lanes: In two hours, teams of A15 to 24 attendees can access three to four lanes.
  • Partial Buyout: Groups of up to 45 guests can access three or four lanes in three hours
  • Full Buyout: If you have a larger group, then this category is a great choice. You can have up to 180 attendees access the six lanes in six hours. You can also customize the experience and invite an outside vendor.

The private events come with a menu and drink service for guests, and in the large party package, food is optional. The menu pricing per guest starts at $30 to $70 and above. Also, the menu will cover any dietary requirements your group members have. You can book these fun events on any day except on Mondays.

Learn more about Mission Bowling Club.

12. One Time Class By Clayroom

This one-time class is an experience where teams can explore their creativity together. Your team will master the art of pottery-making or woodworking even with no prior experience in these areas. Clay Room offers two one-time activities, which are Wheel-throwing and Cutting Board.

Wheel-throwing is a two-hour activity where you make and glaze items like cups, bowls, and vases. The class costs $90 per participant. Cutting Board involves transforming boards of walnuts into cheese or cutting board in three hours. Each participant will pay $110.

Learn more about One Time Class By Clayroom.

13. Free SF Tour

Free SF Tour offers paid service when you book a private experience for your corporate event.

Groups with up to six members will pay $160 for 120 to 180 minutes and an extra $19 for each additional guest. A tour guide will lead your group of up to 30 members.

Free SF Tour also offers a free or ‘pay as much as you want’ option in the morning and evening. This option is great for team building outings running on a low budget. Although you will share the experience with other participants, you can still have as much fun with your team. The duration and locations of the tour differ based on the time of the day.

Making reservations is unnecessary, and the tour starts at a fixed time. In the end, you may pay as much as you want to compensate the tour guide.

Learn more about Free SfFTour.

14. PanIQ Escape Room

PanIQ hosts some fun escape rooms for teams like:

  • Wizard Trials: You must find your master’s cat Mikla in just 60 minutes. If you succeed, then you can earn the title of ‘Assistant Wizard’ and receive your spellbook.
  • Medieval Madness: In this room, you are in a ‘dark day,’ and you are to face punishment and torture. You must free yourself from imprisonment to avoid losing your soul in the darkness forever.
  • The Red Wire: You and your team’s task is to find a foreign agent planning a terrorist attack. You must stop the attack before time runs out.

The price rate for the one-hour rooms ranges from $36 to $49 for two to seven players in a team. You can also contact the host via email to make special arrangements for corporate outings in San Francisco.

Learn more about PanIQ Escape Room.

15. Scavenger Hunt Walking Tour

This hunt is highly interactive and involves solving puzzles and putting clues together. The scavenger hunt will take you to Embarcadero, San Francisco. Also, the experience includes 27 puzzles to challenge your team of scavenger hunters.

The duration of the tour is about two hours. The required items include comfortable shoes, fully charged devices with a reliable internet connection, a pen, and paper. Also, You can have between two to six participants per team. If you have a large group, then the participants can compete in smaller groups.

You will only need to get just one ticket per team, priced at $49. After booking, your team will start the game at South Beach Park. Then the group will receive the scavenger hunt content after providing the login details on the team’s account.

Learn more about Scavenger Hunt Walking Tour.

16. The Murder Mystery Company

Murder mystery parties are fun ideas to bring the team together and create a memorable experience. The Murder Mystery Company hosts the parties to boost guest engagement in a corporate team-building event.

The party requires dressing up according to a particular theme. You and your team will work together to find clues and solve a fictitious murder. Also, guests will get to play as suspects and a detective. A large team can compete to solve the mysterious murder in smaller groups.

Mystery Murder Company host both large and small groups. The event can last for about two hours. One of the most fun parts of a mystery party is that every guest gets to participate, making the event an excellent choice for corporate events.

Learn more about The Murder Mystery Company.

17. Bubble Ball at PlanetXone

PlanetXone designed Bubble Ball games with team-building and corporate events in mind. A bubble ball is a game where players wear inflatable bodysuits to play. The game is available in different variations like:

  • Bubble Soccer Ball: A variation of soccer played by five to ten participants but without a goalie.
  • Dog and Bone: Players will aim to collect the most dog bones in different ways.
  • Bubble Sumo: The game involves a player trying to push another player out of the ring.

The game host will provide necessary gaming supplies like safety glasses, vests, and blasters. Also, a game marshal will guide you and your team during the experience. Aside from Bubble Soccer, PlanetXone offers another fun game called Nerf Dart Tag. The game involves paintballs, but without the mess and the pain.

Learn more about Bubble Ball at PlanetXone.

18. The Cocktail Camp Experience

This mixology experience by The Cocktail Camp is one of the unique group outing ideas for adults in San Francisco. During the session, you and your team will learn the art of mixing delicious glasses of cocktails. You will receive the kits containing the ingredients you need for the one-hour experience.

The price per participant ranges from $125 to $275, depending on whether you get ingredients alone or bar tool kits. You can have up to 25 participants in your group. An expert mixologist will lead the session, adding some trivia and humor to make the entire experience fun.

Learn more about The Cocktail camp Experience.

19. Seven Stills Brewery and Distillery Tour

Seven Stills organizes a tour of the company’s production facility. The booking price is $25 per guest, and your group can have up to 10 or 15 attendees. A tour guide will lead you and your group. The experience also comes with an opportunity to taste five spirits and learn about tasting, smelling, and describing whiskeys.

Aside from the brewery tour, Seven Stills offers attractions like a large dining room, parklet dining, and two semi-private billiards rooms.

Learn more about Seven Stills Brewery and Distillery Tour.

20. San Francisco Cooking School

San Francisco Cooking School hosts a fun, private cooking class for groups with 10 to 40 participants. An expert chef instructor will lead the team during the experience.

You will first take a kitchen tour before putting on your aprons and making delicious dishes. This cooking school also offers the Market Basket Challenge great for teams with 21 to 50 participants. Also, the Food Festival category is ideal for groups with up to 100 participants.

Learn more about San Francisco Cooking School.

21. Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is a great site for work team outings in San Francisco. Although the entrance is free during the day, you have to pay to access special facilities. There are several activities you can plan for the team. For instance, you can have a team picnic. San Francisco Recreation and Parks stipulate the booking price for picnics, starting at $318 for 1 to 200 attendees from a profit corporation. However, non-profit organizations will pay less.

Furthermore, your team can visit special places and play fun games like basketball, golf, and handball. Other attractions at the pack include Anglers Lodge, Conservatory of Flowers, Japanese Tea Garden, and Bison Paddock. Most of the Park’s facilities are wheelchair accessible.

Learn more about Golden Gate Park.

22. Escape SF

Escape SF hosts several games great for small and large teams in San Francisco. The escape rooms have varying storylines like:

  • Escape from Alcatraz: In this experience, you and your team must escape the prison or spend your entire lives in jail.
  • Escape the Bling Tiger Bar: You will play the role of heroes summoned by the Lady of the Lake. Your task is to bring the sword Excalibur to restore justice.
  • King Arthur’s Legacy: While being careful with your actions, your goal is to take over a busted mafia lord. This experience will take you back to the prohibition era.

Generally, the price ranges from $195 to $246 for teams with six players depending on the chosen experience. However, if you have a larger group, then you can get a quote from the company. Booking an escape room is one of the most fun corporate event ideas in San Francisco. The rooms allow team members to relate better with one another.

Learn more about Escape SF.


Company outing ideas should include activities that will excite the participants. This list contains some of the best ideas you can use for your team outing in San Francisco. When planning corporate outings, you should consider the event’s objectives, whether team-building or a themed celebration. The objectives will guide you in using the best ideas for your event.

FAQ: Company outing Ideas in San Francisco, California

Here are answers to questions about company outing ideas in San Francisco

What are the best group outing ideas in San Francisco?

The best group outing ideas in San Francisco include SF On Tap Beer Tour, One Time Class by Clayroom, The Great Guac Off, Split The Wood Axe Throwing, and The CockTail Camp Experience.

What are good places for groups to go in San Francisco?

Some good places for groups to go in San Francisco are Musée Mécanique, Golden Gate Park, Mission Bowling Club, San Francisco Cooking School, and Bistro Boudin Museum.

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