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21 Unique Company Retreat Ideas in Indianapolis, IN

You found our list of the best company retreat ideas in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Company retreat ideas in Indianapolis are various exciting venues and activities within the city to help foster collaboration and trust among team members during company events. Examples include Breakout Games’ escape rooms, Nestle Inn, and Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Corporate retreats are important to improve teamwork and cooperation among team members in Indianapolis.

These ideas work as company retreat venues and group retreat activities. These activities are similar to company outings in Indianapolis and Indianapolis group experiences.

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List of corporate retreat ideas in Indianapolis

If you are considering team retreat ideas in Indianapolis, the options in the list below offer excellent and exciting activities for corporate entities.

1. ScavBoss

ScavBoss organizes and facilitates scavenger hunts in various Indianapolis venues, from local neighborhoods to public parks and museums. The event has entertaining narratives, tricky riddles, and exciting gameplay. Corporate teams might request that the event revolves around a certain topic.

The time allotted for the scavenger hunt is around 90 to 120 minutes. Aside from working together to solve challenges and uncover clues, your team will also have the opportunity to capture memorable moments on camera while exploring the event’s locations.

ScavBoss may be perfect for your team.

2. Minute Madness

minute madness

Playing Minute Madness is an option for corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Indianapolis. The exciting competition will last for an hour in total. In Minute Madness, players take on a series of timed tasks that last exactly one minute. Teams will play to see which player has the most incredible willpower and can complete the most challenges in one minute or less. Together, you and your coworkers will have a great time while earning points for your team.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

3. The Art of Storytelling

Teams in various professions, such as sales, marketing, and leadership, may benefit significantly from participating in The Art of Storytelling workshop. Your team will get valuable experience delivering impactful presentations at this fully hosted event. The facilitator will unveil a secret formula for effective communication and then send out groups to practice the skill.

Regardless of your level of experience with telling stories, you will enjoy yourself at this event. The expertise will benefit the participants in many ways, both in business and personal life. The 90-minute “The Art of Storytelling” session can happen in a rented retreat space or your office in Indianapolis.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

4. Nestle Inn

Incorporating a group cooking lesson into your next company retreat can help to improve your team members’ cooking abilities, expose them to various cuisines, and help them get to know each other better. Nestle Inn has a limit of 12 participants, so this option is one of the corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Indianapolis.

You and your team will collaborate to finish the food or up the ante with an Iron Chef battle among coworkers. From gathering the necessary materials to adding the final touches, a professional chef will walk you through the process. Then, when the supper is ready, sit down with your coworkers and tuck in to the results of your hard work in the kitchen.

Learn more about Nestle Inn.

5. HandleBar

For your company retreat, you could explore the town in style on a pedal-powered pub that seats 16 people. On the journey, you will stop at several pubs and restaurants in downtown Indianapolis while sipping beer and wine aboard the bike. The tour with a local guide will last around two hours, so schedule it for the late afternoon or early evening.

The motorcycles have room for up to 16 passengers, including your guide, but you do not need to fill the seats to enjoy the ride. You can also make several trips with as few as six people. It would help if you told your team members to bring cash to buy refreshments along the way.

Learn more about HandleBar.

6. Breakout Games

At Breakout Games, you and your group members can experience the thrill of teamwork as you race against the time to find clues, solve riddles, and escape the room. However, you will probably only have an hour to accomplish the task, so you must work together and plan strategically if you want to beat the time limit.

The staff will brief you thoroughly before you begin, and they will be on hand throughout to answer any questions and help you through the solution should you run out of time. If you are on a limited budget but want to create a memorable corporate retreat, then visiting an escape room is a good option.

Learn more about Breakout Games.

7. Monument Circle

Whether your team is local or planning to visit Indianapolis for a retreat, the Monument Circle, popularly known as the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, should be on your radar. Monument Circle is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations in the heart of Indiana’s metropolis.

The location features a massive memorial stretching 284 and a half feet, erected in homage to the nation’s heroic sailors and soldiers. Built in the neoclassical style, this impressive structure is surrounded by sculptures created to illustrate the danger and bravery of war. The sculpture carries a torch representing the triumph that released so many enslaved people. The memorial grounds also include a museum dedicated to the American Civil War, where you will find relics and memorabilia dating back several decades. If you visit during the holiday season, you will see how magnificent the monument appears, decked up in 2,400 beautiful, dazzling lights.

Learn more about Monument Circle.

8. Old World Gondoliers

One of the most interesting staff retreat activities in Indiana is taking a gondola trip and seeing the sights of Indianapolis. You and your team will enjoy a different perspective of the city with a gondola ride along the canal, accompanied by a singing gondolier.

In only one hour of touring the city, you will get a Venice-like experience. Your knowledgeable guide will provide entertaining and informative commentary about the canal’s past and present and local customs and traditions. You may even pick up a few suggestions for places to visit after your retreat. Of course, if you want to make the event even more exciting, then feel free to bring wine onboard.

Since most boats only have room for eight people, this option is suitable for smaller groups. In addition, this pastime is a very inexpensive way to relax and connect with coworkers after a long day.

Learn more about Old World Gondoliers.

9. Fastimes Indoor Karting

You can experience the thrill of the Indy 500 with your colleagues as you race go-karts around an indoor track. The hosts will provide safety equipment, such as helmets, neck braces, and racing suits. You only need to show up in comfortable shoes.

After the races, the venue has private rooms available for rent, where you and your coworkers may relax with refreshments and conversation. You can keep individual or group scores to determine who is the fastest. Go-karting is a good option if you have a big team and are looking for a cheap way to have some fun together on your retreat.

Learn more about Fastimes Indoor Karting.

10. White River State Park

White River State Park is one of Indiana’s finest parks. Located in the heart of Indianapolis, this park is one of the most picturesque cities in the United States, spanning 250 acres of grounds with walking paths, picnic sites, and quiet places to get some fresh air and unwind.

The Canal Walk is a three-mile circle along the water’s edge where you may go for a stroll or just relax and take in the sights and sounds of the area. The White River State Park is not only a beautiful place to relax, but also a fantastic jumping-off point for retreats across Indianapolis. Due to its proximity to a plethora of other well-known spots in Indianapolis.

Learn more about White River State Park.

11. Indy Acres Paintball

Participating in a team paintball event is a great way to pump up your adrenaline and challenge your teammates to friendly competition. You can split into smaller groups and work together to eliminate your opponents. This activity helps to improve collaboration, communication, and strategic thinking.

To ensure that every participant has a nice time, the on-site personnel will cover the necessary instructions and safety procedures with you before you start. You can make bookings for parties as small as ten and as big as 100, making this activity a great choice for teams of all kinds. Paintball is a fun and inexpensive way for groups to come together and work together.

Learn more about Indy Acres Paintball.

12. The Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo is just one of many fun company retreat locations in Indianapolis. More than 3,800 creatures from more than 320 species call this place home. The venue has a big park, a botanical garden, and an aquarium for your viewing pleasure.

The Indianapolis Zoo is home to the most extensive population of orangutans in the state of Indiana and all of North America! These magnificent animals, housed at the zoo’s International Orangutan Center, like climbing the ropes to great heights.

Touch displays in the exhibit allow guests to engage with the animals. The zoo has several exhibits, organized by biome for easy viewing. The Dolphin Pavilion, for instance, has a viewing dome where dolphins may be seen swimming and playing over visitors’ heads.

Learn more about The Indianapolis Zoo.

13. Lilly House and Gardens

The Lilly House and Gardens is a National Historic Landmark and part of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The 26-acre opulent, fascinating, well-maintained landscape surrounding the Lilly House is a sight to see. The house belongs to the famous collector and philanthropist J. K. Lilly Jr., and was meticulously restored to its 1930s Indianapolis appearance. All the furnishings are original, so you can get a real feel for what life was like in the city in the past.

Learn more about Lilly House and Gardens.

14. Indiana Medical History Museum

You can take a look into the past by visiting the Indiana Medical History Museum. The tour takes you through The Old Pathology Building, the oldest surviving pathology facility in the US. The Pathological Department studied physical and mental ailments from 1896 to the 1960s. Visitors can also explore the teaching arena, laboratories, the autopsy room, and the anatomical museum. After checking out the buildings, swing by The Medicinal Plant Garden, which houses over 120 plant varieties. To learn more about a piece of medical history, check out this museum.

Learn more about the Indiana Medical History Museum.

15. Rustic Driving Range and Mini Golf

Mini golf is a fantastic activity for groups wishing to bond in a low-key setting since it is enjoyable, simple, and inexpensive. You can play either nine or 18 holes, depending on your time. The facility also has driving ranges where you can compete against your employees. You can rent a private party room if you want to host a post-golf party or engage in further team-building activities. You may need to split into smaller groups so that you do not hold up other players, but this activity is a great alternative for teams of any size.

Learn more about Rustic Driving Range and Mini Golf.

16. Maru Karaoke

At Maru Karaoke, you can enjoy an evening of karaoke and good times while channeling your inner Celine Dion. Renting a private space allows your group to sing along with hundreds of songs in a wide range of languages. Between acts, you may chat and refuel with the on-site catering. The staff is around to assist you in getting started with the equipment and answering any questions.

You may bring a group of any size, but ask about renting more rooms if your group is large.

Learn more about Maru Karaoke.

17. Action and Atomic Duckpin Bowling

Duckpin bowling is another unique activity that is popular in Circle City. This game is a little like regular bowling but with a distinct Indianapolis touch that makes it stand out. The smaller pins, balls, and lanes provide an authentic, retro vibe that will transport you to 1930s Indiana. The game does not use the same scoring system as traditional bowling. Learning the basics is easy. However, some participants may find it more challenging than conventional bowling. You should check out Duckpin Bowling if you need company retreat entertainment ideas in Indianapolis.

Learn more about Action and Atomic Duckpin Bowling.

18. Tappers Arcade Bar

Tappers Arcade Bar is one of the most fun locations for a retreat in Indianapolis. The location has a wide variety of classic arcade games, many of which are free to play, and serves a tasty selection of Indianapolis’ finest craft brews. Players may choose from various games, including Dragon’s Quest, pong, Tron, pinball, and Centipede.

Guests are welcome to bring food, so if you are hungry, you may get a bite next door or have meals delivered. This arcade bar is one of the best places in Indiana to enjoy a classic game.

Learn more about Tappers Arcade Bar.

19. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

The state of Indiana is popular as a premier racing destination. The Indy 500 takes place on the racetrack, while the museum is where you can go back in time to discover more about the fascinating history of auto racing. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is so popular with visitors because it is a National Historic Landmark.

The museum features an extensive array of incredible racecars and other artifacts from the world of motorsports. On the other hand, visitors to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway may take advantage of guided excursions to the track’s Gasoline Alley hospitality suite, victory platform, and vehicle storage garage. You can also take a guided trip to the track that covers one round! This option is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining retreat ideas available in Indianapolis.

Learn more about Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.

20. Indianapolis Cultural Trail

If you need a simple guide to Indianapolis’s many attractions, consider the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. The trail is 8 miles long and starts in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, carrying you past all the city’s best sights and sounds.

You will pass through trendy areas and art districts, where you can see different arts, from sculptures to murals. After your tour, you can take a break in a beautiful garden or park. You may also take a food tour along the route, introducing you to some of the best restaurants in the state and other markets and cafés. Plus, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail is kept in good shape with the money raised from the food tours.

Learn more about Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

21. GRT Glass Design

When looking for exciting team retreat activities in Indianapolis, do not miss out on GRT Glass Design. The studio specializes in creating and producing a broad range of art glass products for customers across the globe, and has received several prestigious awards. The company opened in 1987 and has since become the undisputed market leader in Indiana and the United States. The studio hosts Glass Play Days twice a month, when visitors may participate in lessons and create glass artwork to take home.

Learn more about GRT Glass Design.


The city of Indianapolis, located in the Midwest, is well-known for its many professional sports teams, prestigious universities, and the annual Indianapolis 500 auto race. The capital of Indiana is a fantastic location for corporate retreat activities, with several museums, historic sites, and outdoor leisure options. The city of Indianapolis has transformed from a rural hub to a thriving center for technology entrepreneurs and young professionals. This list of corporate retreat activities in Indianapolis lets you and your team experience the best the city has to offer.

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FAQ: Company retreat ideas in Indianapolis, Indiana

Here are some frequently asked questions about company retreat ideas in Indianapolis.

What are some good corporate retreat ideas in Indianapolis?

Some good corporate retreat ideas in Indianapolis including making glass art at GRT Glass Design, exploring Indiana Motor Speedway Museum, and having a team paintball event at Indy Acres Paintball.

How do you plan a fun team retreat in Indianapolis?

Participation from other group members is essential when organizing a pleasant team retreat in Indianapolis. To plan a successful retreat, you must first establish its purpose, the best location or activity to meet that purpose, and the available money.

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