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25 Unique Company Retreat Ideas in Mountain View, CA

You found our list of the best company retreat ideas in Mountain View, California.

Company retreat ideas in Mountain View are opportunities for workers to escape the daily grind and relax in one another’s company. For example, your team can learn about historic military advancements with a visit to Moffatt Field Museum, catch a show at Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, or enjoy a delicious brunch at Crepevine. These activities encourage camaraderie and community among employees in environments outside of the workspace.

These ideas work as company retreat venues and retreat activities for groups. These activities are similar to company outings in Mountain View and ways to entertain groups in Mountain View.

This list includes:

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  • company retreat entertainment ideas in Mountain View
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Here is the list!

List of company retreat ideas in Mountain View

From exciting nightclubs for drinks and dancing to a leisurely exploration of the natural world, here are ideas for company retreats in Mountain View.

1. Espionage!

Espionage! banner

Teams can take a 90-minute foray into the world of spies and intrigue with Espionage! In these sessions, players receive missions that include puzzles and deductive reasoning challenges. The goal is to identify and expose the nefarious agents in their ranks before these sleeper spies create havoc.

Espionage! is an exercise in collaboration, communication, and thinking outside the box to solve problems and achieve specific goals. Each event includes a top-secret host who knows how to entertain your crew while stealthily introducing concepts crucial to building a well-functioning team.

Learn more about Espionage!

2. The Art of Storytelling

Even in its simplest form, storytelling is a critical element of day-to-day communication. In The Art of Storytelling, teams learn to use storytelling methods to communicate more effectively in both work settings and interpersonal relations. Your crew can participate in this entertaining 90-minute course covering the importance of using careful narrative to enhance their lives. With guidance from expert instructors, they’ll learn powerful principles and helpful techniques they can utilize instantly for more meaningful interactions.

Learn more about the Art of Storytelling.

3. Mix n’ Mingle

Little breaks the ice better than a networking session led by team building experts! Mix n’ Mingle sessions present activities and games that will get your team connecting in unexpected ways. These events reach beyond the usual get-to-know-you antics to achieve genuine engagement that helps team members form sincere bonds. The results are sometimes surprising, always entertaining, and provide a delightful environment for exploring the group members’ shared qualities.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

4. Computer History Museum

The heart of Silicon Valley is the perfect location for a museum dedicated to the history of the modern computer. Visitors can explore a timeline extending from the 1930s through the mid-2010s and captures the milestones in the evolution of modern computing. The archive includes notebooks and interviews from innovators who helped advance the technology, along with photographs and historical objects that illustrate how far computers have come.

The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Groups of ten or more are eligible for reservations and tours, though smaller groups can enjoy individual admissions and roam the exhibits on their own.

Learn more about Computer History Museum.

5. Alberto’s Night Club

Alberto’s adds a bit of Latin flair to the scenic hills of Mountain View! Salsa dancing lessons provide energetic corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Mountain View, especially for teams who love finding a new groove. Part of the mystique of this vibrant nightclub is a rumor that superstar Marc Antony played here when he was still an unknown. Whether or not the story is true, the excitement of live Latin music with a calendar of dance parties brings the night alive.

Learn more about Alberto’s Night Club.

6. Mike’s Bikes

If the great outdoors is calling your team into the California sunshine, then a bike ride might be in order! Mike’s Bikes in nearby Palo Alto maintains a schedule of group rides that can get your crew pedaling along the prettiest scenery in the area. There are evening rides throughout the week, and even a few weekend rides to get things rolling on non-workdays.

The routes for these rides rank as moderate to high levels of difficulty. If a group ride proves too big a challenge, then Mike’s also offers corporate events such as happy hours and team bike buildings that benefit children’s charities.

Learn more about Mike’s Bikes.

7. Pichetti Winery in Cupertino

Teams can take advantage of the rich wine culture in Northern California with a trip to Pichetti Winery. As company retreat locations in Mountain View go, this gorgeous property is a slice of paradise, complete with peacocks wandering the grounds. There are picnic areas for visitors to languish in, and of course, the tasting room, an inviting space with warm brick walls and welcoming rustic interiors. You can choose customized flights with five wines for $20.00 plus tax, with a group maximum of 20 guests on weekdays and ten guests on weekends and holidays.

Learn more about Pichetti Winery.

8. Pastries at Maison Alyzee

Few team retreat ideas in Mountain View bring continental elegance like Maison Alyzee, a Parisian bistro in the heart of Northern California. The authentic breads and gourmet pastries are a must, though truly hungry diners can order breakfast and lunch dishes as well. For lovers of fine European sweets, a few tasty morsels boxed to go make a delicious souvenir.

Learn more about Maison Alyzee.

9. Mountain View Farmer’s Market

Farm-to-table goodness is on the menu at Mountain View Farmer’s Market. This magical vegetable wonderland only happens on Sundays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Early risers can browse sweet and savory seasonal offerings from local farmers and artisan food makers. Blooms from flower vendors make the space bright and beautiful for the 80 stands presenting their bountiful wares.

As a bonus activity, you can challenge your team to cook a collaborative lunch using produce they find at the market. With a budget set for each team and shopping lists to work from, your crew can have a culinary scavenger hunt that ends in the kitchen with a delicious homemade meal.

Learn more about Mountain View Farmer’s Market.

10. Gallery 9 Los Altos

As the oldest art gallery in nearby Los Altos, Gallery 9 represents both the history and future of art in Northern California. This art cooperative began in 1970 with nine artists referred to in the gallery’s name. The facility has thrived for more than 50 years, and currently showcases works by more than 25 artists working with paint, pottery, photography, and jewelry. Exhibits rotate through the gallery during the year to give each creator front-of-shop exposure and to incorporate new pieces as they arrive.

Learn more about Gallery 9 Los Altos.

11. Coffee at Dana Street Roasting Company

With an espresso drink called Kick in the Pants on the menu, you know your team is in for an energizing time at Dana Street Roasting Company! This no-nonsense roaster has kept locals and visitors hopped up on caffeine for 25 years, making it a staple in the community. The menu also includes specialty drinks and teas that rival anything Starbucks can concoct. Banana mocha and Caffe Borgia featuring chocolate, orange, and nutmeg are standouts.

Learn more about Dana Street Roasting Company.

12. Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts

The variety of performances at Mountain View Center run the gamut from comedy roasts to classical ballet. Teams with a taste for culture can attend a show by a national touring company or take in a play performed by local theater groups such as the nonprofit TheaterWorks or Upstage Theater, run entirely by local teens. Two separate stages allow for multiple events to run simultaneously, and the schedule features thrilling options for fans of all theater formats.

Learn more about Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts.

13. Opal Social Club

Alcoholic boba is only one of the surprises your team will find when they head to Opal Social Club. As company retreat entertainment ideas in Mountain View go, this space is an electrifying adult experience. Spirited workers can enjoy drinks and dancing to DJ-spun music on Friday and Saturday nights between 9:00 pm and 1:30 am. The club also offers private rentals of the facility for a more intimate retreat environment.

Learn more about Opal Social Club.

14. Watercolor Journeys at The Foster

The Foster is an art gallery dedicated to Tony Foster’s wilderness watercolors. The plein-air painting collections represent Tony’s various journeys and include sketches and notes about the locales in the images. Some of his expeditions to create his artworks have taken years to complete, giving art-minded teams a view into the working imagination of a professional artist. The facility also features an archive of Tony’s past works, as well as updated exhibits of his new paintings.

Learn more about The Foster.

15. Zinfandel Trail

California’s winemaking region is a prime location for exploration. You can plan an excursion that takes your team along the Zinfandel Trail, with stops at esteemed wineries for informative tours and sampling of fine local varietals. There is no formal tour for the route. Instead, the wine lovers in your group can choose their destinations and designate a custom itinerary. With beautiful land to explore and so many incredible wines to try, your crew may never want to return to the office!

Learn more about Zinfandel Trail.

16. Rengstorff House

You can take a trip into the past with a visit to Rengstorff House, the oldest home in Mountain View. This fully restored property features period-style furnishings and provides nearly 4,000 square feet of Victorian Italianate architecture to explore. Your crew can experience a slice of life in Northern California as it was for German businessman Henry Rengstorff when he built his house in 1867.

Docent-led tours occur on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, and a 3D virtual tour gives visitors an online preview of the property.

Learn more about Rengstorff House.

17. Cascal

This colorful Latin restaurant offers a full menu of tasty global offerings, including South American ceviche alongside Spanish paella and tapas. The dessert menu is an equally intriguing prospect for teams with a taste for sweet treats. An array of tempting dishes like Basque cheesecake and warm chocolate souffle offers hungry workers a plateful of delightful decadence. Because luxury is best served with a beverage, be sure to order something from the coffee cocktail menu to go with dessert.

Learn more about Cascal.

18. Community School of Music and Arts

For teams with a creative side, the Community School of Music and Arts offers workshops that allow guests to explore their talents. These classes cover a variety of disciplines, from traditional painting to contemporary jewelry-making. You can even find pet portrait classes on the schedule for the animal lovers in your group. Prices vary based on the project, with most sessions lasting between two and four hours.

Learn more about the Community School of Music and Arts.

19. Moffett Field Museum

This monument to military evolution is an eye-opening collection of paraphernalia and one of the more intriguing corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Mountain View. Visitors can take a fascinating and educational journey from the 1930s through the present as they learn about the important military influence of Moffett Field. Exhibits explore the functions of Navy personnel, distinctive eras in the development of military technology, and the significance of the San Francisco Bay Area in America’s national defense efforts.

Learn more about Moffett Field Museum.

20. Books, Inc.

Inclusion and diversity are prominent themes at Books, Inc., considered to be the oldest independent bookseller in the West. Established at the height of the Gold Rush, this literary trove is a book lover’s dream, with a rich and colorful history that reads like a novel. At one point, the original location burned down and underwent a rebuild to become the quaint, storied bookshop it is today.

Books, Inc. now has locations all around Northern California, including the gleaming storefront on Castro Street. Teams with a passion for reading can drop in and linger among the stacks for a relaxing retreat into the world of literature.

Learn more about Books, Inc.

21. Scratch

New American cuisine is the order of the day at Scratch, a thoughtful modern eatery that tops company retreat locations in Mountain View for fine yet casual dining. The menu features familiar favorites prepared with elegant touches, such as southern fried calamari and truffle mushroom flatbread pizza. The beverage menu is extensive and includes a library of high-end luxury bottles side-by-side with affordable pours. The dining room is open for brunch on the weekends or dinner nightly.

Learn more about Scratch.

22. Shoreline Amphitheater

The biggest names in popular music perform at Shoreline Amphitheater. This outdoor music hall takes full advantage of its natural setting. Rolling hills in the background complement the modern soundstage and high-tech video screens that provide top-notch visibility from every section. Teams can enjoy grass seating for a laid-back performance or choose a more bombastic experience in the lower sections. While your crew waits for the show to begin, they can wander about and enjoy a public pop-art experience with the Googlebot statues stationed around the grounds.

Learn more about Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheater.

23. Golfland

For a bit of good old-fashioned fun, get your team geared up for a few rounds of miniature golf at Golfland. Located a quick fifteen-minute drive away in neighboring Milpitas, this amusement park features three whimsical golf courses for friendly competition in the beautiful Northern California sunshine. After putting, your crew can test their mettle in a laser maze, knock about in bumper cars, have a shoot-out with laser tag, and cue up some state-of-the-art video games in the arcade.

Learn more about Golfland.

24. Baylands Nature Preserve

Nature lovers will be in their element with an afternoon at Baylands Nature Preserve. This 1,940-acre marshland located in nearby Palo Alto is ideal for birdwatching and spotting migrating flocks winging their way through the seasons. The preserve is one of the West Coast’s most ideal birding locales. Teams on the move can enjoy 15 miles of walking trails and experience the rustic conceptual art and stunning vistas of Byxbee Park, located within the preserve boundaries.

Learn more about Baylands Nature Preserve.

25. Dining at Crepevine

Delicious times await you at Crepevine, a family-style restaurant specializing in wholesome cuisine made from local ingredients. Your group can settle in for a leisurely brunch or enjoy a hearty lunch spread. As the clever name suggests, their specialty is crepes, though they offer a full menu featuring pasta, omelets, and sandwiches to cover just about everyone’s tastes. Outdoor seating on the patio allows diners to soak in the glorious NorCal weather as they linger.

Learn more about Crepevine.


Mountain View is about more than just Silicon Valley. This idyllic Northern California region provides great opportunities for teams to get together and build real connections outside the workplace. Whether the crew is sharing a creative meal, exploring historic sites, or pedaling bikes through the scenery, the options for team building activities are nothing short of breathtaking!

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FAQ: Company retreat ideas in Mountain View, California

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about company retreat ideas in Mountain View.

What are some good corporate retreat ideas in Mountain View?

Some good corporate retreat ideas in Mountain View include a trip to the Mountain View Farmers Market, Salsa dance lessons at Alberto’s, a birdwatching expedition at Baylands Natural Preserve, and an outdoor concert at Shoreline Amphitheater.

How do you plan a fun team retreat in Mountain View?

To plan a fun team retreat in Mountain View, choose a convenient time of day for your retreat and decide on a location that suits the event. If your team is available for weekend activities, then you have even more options for activities. Your team’s interests can lead your search for activities. If you have team members who love art and cultural events, then you can look for galleries and theaters to visit. If your team is more outdoorsy, then a trip to a nature preserve or a waterfront hangout might be ideal.

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