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22 Unique Company Retreat Ideas in San Antonio, TX

Here is our list of the best company retreat ideas in San Antonio, Texas.

Company retreat ideas in San Antonio are experiences outside the workplace that team members can share during a corporate getaway. Examples include exploring San Antonio Aquarium, shooting at Mission Ridge Range and Academy, and having fun at Monster Mini Golf. The purpose of these ideas is to show teams fun ways to relax, bond, and work on a specific goal while in San Antonio.

These ideas work as company retreat destinations and group retreat activities. The activities are similar to San Antonio office outings and activities to do with groups in San Antonio.

This list includes:

  • corporate retreat ideas for big groups in San Antonio
  • corporate retreat ideas for small groups in San Antonio
  • company retreat entertainment ideas in San Antonio
  • company retreat locations in Texas
  • team retreat ideas in San Antonio

Here we go!

List of company retreat ideas in San Antonio, TX

A fun retreat experience awaits your team in San Antonio, irrespective of your group size. Here are the best corporate retreat ideas to try out in the city, from watching a show at Blind Tiger Comedy Club to bowling at The Lanes at Oak Hills.

1. ScavBoss

You can take your scavenger hunt experience to another level with ScavBoss. With impressive storylines and fun game mechanics, ScavBoss runs exciting scavenger hunts around different locations in San Antonio. Your group will explore an indoor or outdoor area within 90 to 120 minutes. Also, you can have the activity customized around your company’s mission or values.

Running ScavBoss is one of the best team retreat ideas in San Antonio. During the adventure, you and your group members will find clues and solve challenging puzzles. Your team has a chance to strategize together and prove to be the true ‘ScavBoss’ by finishing the challenge.

ScavBoss may be perfect for your team.

2. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is a professional workshop led by expert comedians, actors, academics, and tour guides. During the session, your group will learn and practice the principles for telling incredible stories. The workshop aims to improve attendees’ storytelling skills. Also, communication by your group members will be more impactful with the training.

Your experience will last 90 minutes in your desired location in San Antonio. From leaders to sales representatives, employees occupying different positions in the company can benefit from this training. Participants do not need an advanced knowledge of storytelling to enjoy the activity.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

3. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is an immersive and energetic experience to share with your coworkers during a retreat. In the activity, time is not on your side. You will race against the clock to win victory for your group.

Minute Madness challenges players to stand the test of time by squaring off in sixty-second mini-games. You and your colleagues will compete to earn points for your teams. The one-hour activity is fun and will take place in your desired location in the city.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

4. Mission Ridge Range and Academy

Mission Ridge Range and Academy is a state-of-the-art shooting center in San Antonio. Practicing your skills on the center’s 100-yard shooting lanes is one of the exciting company retreat ideas in San Antonio. Each shooting lane can accommodate up to four guests.

You will also find an archery range and shooting simulator with different scenarios, from zombies to realistic home invasion and steel targets. In addition, Mission Ridge Range and Academy offers training for shooters and archers at all skill levels. The Introduction to Pistol Class focuses on the basics of marksmanship and safe firearm handling in two hours. Other classes include Women’s Intro to Pistol, Hunter Safety, Introduction to Carbine, and Precision Rifle Advanced.

Learn more about Mission Ridge Range and Academy.

5. Extreme Escape Colonnade

Extreme Escape Colonnade provides escape rooms where your team can decide your fate within one hour. The escape rooms have different themes, ranging from a zombie apocalypse to a pirate adventure. For instance:

  • Master of Illusion: You will work with your team to escape from a magician who trapped your group in a magic parlor of trickery.
  • Mutiny: An infamous captain locked you and your fellow pirates in the ship. Your mission is to plan your escape before a storm destroys the ship.
  • Trapped Below: Your adventure lies beneath the earth’s surface. Your team will combine brain powers to retrieve a legendary treasure before escaping.

Extreme Escape Colonnade designed the rooms for players of all ages. Your group can play in small teams and compete to escape the room first. Also, the escape game center can host large groups having up to 80 members.

Learn more about Extreme Escape Colonnade.

6. Loma de Vida Spa & Wellness

Loma de Vida Spa & Wellness is one of the best company retreat locations in Texas. The secluded sanctuary conveniently sits on one of San Antonio’s highest points.

The spa is a wellness center offering a variety of treatments like JetPeel facials, body treatments, massages, and hair services. Your group can attend a yoga and meditation program regularly hosted by the sanctuary.

You can customize the treatments to fit the experience you want. Furthermore, the spa organizes wellness classes with the pricing starting at $15 per guest. The lessons focus on various aspects like mindful movement, core stability, social yoga, and mood improvement with essential oil. Your group will enjoy each minute spent in the Loma de Vida’s relaxing and natural environment.

Learn more about Loma de Vida Spa & Wellness.

7. The Rage Room SA

The Rage Room SA provides an opportunity to de-stress and release built-up frustration. As long as you wear the provided safety gear and closed-toe shoes, your group will have fun breaking objects in a safe space. The experience is ideal for guests of all ages.

The company will provide tools like hammers, bats, metal pipes, and mallets to smash items. You can also come along with your own breakables. The pricing starts at $30 for a 30-minute session. Furthermore, the center has a splatter room where you can have a ‘Rage Painting’ experience. Your booking will cover paints, shoe covers, and paint canvas.

Learn more about The Rage Room SA.

8. Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf is an amusement park with a series of fun attractions. You can play a game on the 18-hole mini golf course with a glow-in-the-dark effect. The course also features animated monsters that move and pop-culture artwork on the walls.

The park has an arcade featuring classical games like Spongebob Squarepants, Jurassic Park, and Down-a-Clown. You can wear a full-body harness and get immersed in the glow-in-the-dark rope course. In addition, your group can go on immersive adventures in the 3D virtual reality arena. Monster Mini Golf also provides a laser tag arena with artistic decorations and effects like black lights, fog, and music.

Learn more about Monster Mini Golf.

9. Blind Tiger Comedy Club

The best company retreat entertainment ideas in San Antonio include watching a show at Blind Tiger Comedy Club. You can locate the venue inside The Magic Time Machine. The showroom is open to guests aged 21 years and older.

The venue hosts a stand-up comedy called Wonderliners, where comics coin jokes on the same topic. You can also watch special guests perform at The Secret Show. Furthermore, Fantastic Damage is one of the fun shows where you get to hear comics tell different stories, from embarrassing moments to bad times.

You do not have to purchase any drink minimum to sit inside the venue. Blind Tiger Comedy Club serves as an entertainment arena for guests and a stage for comedians to practice original content.

Learn more about Blind Tiger Comedy Club.

10. The Stray Grape Urban Winery

The Stray Grape Urban Winery is one of the best places to sit back and enjoy a wine tasting. The winery makes over 50 wines with grapes collected from different countries.

The winery also offers a create-your-wine experience for groups. First, your group will taste various wines to select your best option. Then the winery will provide the needed ingredients and guide your group through the wine-making process. After leaving the wine to ferment for an average of eight weeks, you will spend about one hour bottling the beverage. The company will also help you customize a label for your wines.

Furthermore, you can reserve a space in the winery for a private gathering with your colleagues.

Learn more about The Stray Grape Urban Winery.

11. The Lanes at Oak Hills

The Lanes of Oak Hills is a bowling center in San Antonio. On weekends, the center offers a cosmic bowling experience. You can reserve the Oak Room to guarantee a spot at the lanes. The center also features a private bar and restaurant with great food and drink selections.

Your group can join a league organized daily and nightly for bowlers of different ages and skill levels. You can also create your league with a custom schedule that works best for your group.

Learn more about The Lanes at Oak Hills.

12. Andretti Karting

Racing at Andretti Karting is one of the immersive corporate retreat ideas for big groups in San Antonio. Andretti Karting is an entertainment center with an indoor go-kart track. You can consider booking a group race if you have over nine guests.

Besides racing, you can explore other attractions like the VR arena, high-tech arcade, laser tag arena, and racing-themed boutique bowling lanes. The Boutique Bowling features black lights and 150 degrees projection screens showing sports shows.

Learn more about Andretti Karting.

13. Kang Fu Saloon

Kang Fu Saloon is an adult arcade bar with old-school classics like Mortal Kombat, Ms Pacman, and Golden Tee. The bar provides karaoke rooms which are also reservable for sports-watching parties and private screenings. You will have a dedicated host set up your event and ensure your corporate retreat is successful.

The karaoke rooms have an occupancy capacity of about 15 guests. You can order your favorites from the eccentric pub-style menu during your event. Furthermore, Kang Fu Saloon offers Happy Hour Specials on Sundays, with free gameplay all day.

Learn more about Kang Fu Saloon.

14. Caliente Hot Glass

Caliente Hot Glass is a studio and art gallery in San Antonio. Taking a DIY class at the studio is among the creative corporate retreat ideas for small groups in San Antonio. Your group will work with qualified artists for 60 minutes. Participants get to select a desired style and blow a glass piece. The studio will provide the required safety equipment.

Your group’s experience level and the selected glass pieces will influence the pricing. Caliente Hot Glass also hosts seasonal classes. So you can stay updated on the Limited Edition Classes to keep up with seasonal offers.

Learn more about Caliente Hot Glass.

15. Ice & Golf Center at Northwoods

One of the most fun corporate retreat ideas for big groups is having a skate party at Ice & Golf Center at Northwoods. The admission pricing to the rink starts at around $10. Also, the center hosts Learn to Skate programs to help participants master the sports basics.

If you and your colleagues are fans of soccer, then you can join a league consisting of 50-minute matches. You have about 8 to 15 players on your team. The ice center also organizes Adult Recreational Leagues for hockey fans. Furthermore, you can play golf with your colleagues on the 36-hole Northwoods course.

Learn more about Ice & Golf Center at Northwoods.

16. Alamo Heights Farmers Market

Exploring Alamo Heights Farmers Market is one of the fun team retreat ideas in San Antonio. The market operates on Sundays at The Alamo Quarry Market and showcases a variety of local products like fresh fruits, vegetables, cooked food, and dog treats.

A visit will give your group the chance to interact with local farmers, artists, and cooks. Your team will also support local businesses by purchasing products. The market vendors include Swisse Chocolate Shop, Mazi Bakery, Texas Hill Country Hot Sauce, and Happy Gut Foods. Alamo Heights Farmers Market operates all year round.

Learn more about Alamo Heights Farmers Market.

17. San Antonio Aquarium

Touring San Antonio Aquarium is one of the amusing company retreat ideas in San Antonio. The aquarium is home to different aquatic species like tortoises, stingrays, sharks, and lorikeets.

San Antonio Aquarium organizes a series of animal encounters to enhance guests’ experience. Depending on your selected option, you will interact with octopi, toucans, caimans, lemurs, and kinkajous. The ‘Snorkeling with Stingrays’ experience allows you to explore the underwater world at the aquarium. You can also learn about animal care and assist the staff during a Morning Rounds session. After, you can decide to explore the aquarium at your own pace.

Also, the venue provides an arcade game room great for a corporate retreat.

Learn more about San Antonio Aquarium.

18. San Antonio Museum of Art

San Antonio Museum of Art collects notable artworks representing diverse cultures worldwide. Exploring the museum allows you to travel in time through the historical collections. You can reserve a group tour or check the exhibitions at your own pace.

At the Asian art wing, you will find interactive collections from China, Japan, India, and Korea. You can also check the works of artists recognized internationally in contemporary galleries. Furthermore, the museum showcases lifelike sculptures of famous figures in Marvel Comics and DC Comics. After an inspirational art appreciation, your group can share a meal at Tre Trattoria.

Learn more about San Antonio Museum of Art.

18. Axe Master

Axe Master is one of the best company retreat locations in Texas. The experience is enjoyable for expert and beginner ax throwers. If you are new to the activity, then the ax-throwing experts will teach you, and you will find yourself landing bullseyes in no time. The pricing for a two-hour session starts at $40.

You can also join the center’s league for a weekly ax-throwing tournament. If you score 64 points during your regular session, then you stand a chance to join the ax-throwing league for free. While playing, you can also enjoy beer and wine served at the ax-throwing bar.

Learn more about Axe Master.

20. San Antonio Panic Room

San Antonio Panic Room is an escape theater that curates challenging puzzles and clues to test your skills. The escape rooms in this location have different scenarios like:

  • Prison Break: In this challenging escape room, you find an opportunity to escape prison. You have to work fast before the sheriff returns.
  • Cabin Fever: You and your friends must come up with a survival plan before a blizzard destroys your shelter.
  • Phase III: Human Trials: A surgeon kidnapped and injected you with a deadly drug. Time will tell if you can find the cure and escape before the doctor returns.

The game pricing is around $30 per player. You should plan to spend about 90 minutes at the escape center. After the adventure, your group can take fun pictures. Depending on the theme you reserve, you can have up to ten players in one room.

Learn more about San Antonio Panic Room.

21. Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling is an award-winning brewery in San Antonio. The company offers a fun 90-minute tour around the facility. For an added fee, you can extend the experience to include a VIP whiskey sampling.

The brewery has a tasting room where you can expand your palate with handcrafted cocktails, beers, and wines. In addition, food trucks are usually available to serve guests. Ranger Creek also hosts various events like Cocktail and Lobster Rolls, Pizza Night, and Artisan Markets. The winery is a perfect location for corporate retreats and can accommodate groups with up to 250 attendees.

Learn more about Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling.

22. Cellar Mixology Classes

The best company retreat entertainment ideas in San Antonio include taking a cocktail class at Cellar Mixology. The cocktail bar has a speakeasy theme and welcomes guests inside through the secret door. Before the class, your group will tour the bar and learn about the company’s history. Then a mixologist will teach you how to mix three cocktails.

During the 90-minute session, you can ask the mixologist any question relating to bartending. You can also host a private event at the bar or reserve a table to share a drink with your colleagues.

Learn more about Cellar Mixology Classes.


San Francisco has a small-town feel with big city attractions. If you plan to host your next corporate retreat in San Antonio, then you would not want to miss out on the city’s fun experiences. You can enjoy the city’s great food in different areas, from Alamo Heights Farmers Market to Kang Fu Saloon. Your group members will find many exciting activities to do, indoors and outdoors. You can also host your retreat in one of the city’s fun destinations and create unforgettable memories with your colleagues.

Next, check out corporate event ideas in San Antonio and San Antonio team building events.

FAQ: Company retreat ideas in San Antonio, Texas

Here are answers to questions about company retreat ideas in San Antonio.

What are some good corporate retreat ideas in San Antonio?

Some good corporate retreat ideas in San Antonio include racing at Andretti Karting, exploring San Antonio Aquarium, tasting wine at The Stray Grape Urban Winery, throwing axes at Axe Master, and skating at Ice & Golf Center at Northwood.

How do you plan a fun retreat in San Antonio?

Before setting out for a corporate retreat, you should understand the event’s primary purpose. Also, you need to give the attendees enough time to prepare for the retreat. When selecting a venue or activity, you would want to consider your group size. You should ensure that the venue is accessible for your team members with physical restrictions. Also, you must set your budget right and plan for transportation, meal, venue rental, entertainment, and lodging if needed.

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