Updated: May 11, 2023

23 Best End of Year Gifts for Employees

You have found our list of end of year gifts for employees.

End of year gifts for employees are presents companies give to employees at the end of a work year. Examples of end of year gifts for employees include a RusticCraft garden tool set, CustomInk shot glass, and Vistaprint customized cushion. The purpose of these gifts is to show appreciation for employees’ hard work and contributions to the company throughout the year.

You can work with corporate gifting companies and gift sending services to find the best office gift ideas, corporate gifts, and gifts for coworkers. Giving presents builds strong teams and creates a positive work environment.

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List of end of year gifts for employees

When shopping for end of year employee gifts, deciding which gift to buy, how much to spend, and whether the gift is meaningful to the recipient can be difficult. If you are struggling with these issues, then we have provided a helpful list of annual work gifts to present to your employees. Below is our list of the best end of year gifts for your team.

1. RusticCraft Personalized Garden Tool Set

The RusticCraft personalized garden tool set is the perfect end of year gift for the employee who enjoys gardening. This set includes a steel hand cultivator and hand trowel with a wooden shaft you can engrave with the company’s name, tagline, or even the recipient’s name. The RusticCraft garden tool set also has a copper garden trowel, fork, and knife. You can personalize this garden set using a custom font and monograms and create different engravings for each tool. The employee who loves planting will be ecstatic and willing to work harder when presented with this artistic gift set.

Learn more about the RusticCraft Personalized Garden Tool Set.

2. CustomInk Custom Shot Glass

A custom shot glass is a great gift idea to celebrate the end of the year. You can personalize this shot glass with your company’s logo, name, or the recipient’s initials. In addition, shoppers can choose from different colors and fonts to create high-quality, aesthetically pleasing graphics. Aside from being a tremendous end of year work gift, the CustomInk shot glass makes an impressive addition to any home bar. Recipients will appreciate this gift whenever they take a shot from their personalized glass.

Learn more about the CustomInk Custom Shot Glass.

3. Zazzle Personalized Teapot

The Zazzle personalized teapot is one of the most practical and thoughtful end of year gifts for colleagues and employees alike. This teapot comes in medium or small. You can create your custom design by uploading your logo, text, pattern, or any image of your choice. Then, imprint this design on the teapot in any color you choose. If you cannot think of any custom design, then there are other templates you can choose from. Any tea lover or drinker will appreciate this customized teapot, further solidifying your corporate relationship.

Learn more about the Zazzle Personalized Teapot.

4. Mineola Knitting Co. Custom Knit Throw Blanket

If you are looking for simple yet thoughtful annual work gifts for your employees, then consider gifting them a custom throw blanket. The Mineola Knitting Co. custom knit throw blanket comes in various colors, and you can create your custom design using any fiber of your choice. You can include up to six color combinations for your blanket, with the front side displaying your logo, company’s name, or text. A custom blanket is a splendid end of year gift to present to an employee. This blanket will prove helpful in keeping them cozy during the holidays.

Learn more about the Mineola Knitting Co. Custom Knit Throw Blanket.

5. Vistaprint Customized Cushion

A customized cushion makes for a lovely and practical end of year holiday present for employees. The pillow is a cute and comfortable decorative item. The Vistaprint customized cushion consists of soft polyester, and you can make a full-color print on one or both sides. In addition, you can upload a personalized design, logo, or initial and create an artistic gift that the recipient will value for years.

Learn more about the Vistaprint Customized Cushion.

6. CASETiFY Custom iPad Case

A custom iPad case is also one of those simple yet valuable end of year work gifts you can get for your employees. The CASETiFY custom iPad case allows you to imprint your company’s name or logo on the case, choose which font you prefer, and select a custom color. This iPad case is a lovely gift for an employee because it has EcoShock Protection Technology, an antimicrobial coating, and an enhanced protective corner design. In addition, this case protects an iPad from crashes even when dropped from up to four feet, making it a delightful gift idea.

Learn more about the CASETiFY Custom iPad Case.

7. Studio Cuisine 18 Piece Peened Knife Block Set

This 18 piece peened knife block set is a wonderful annual gift to present to an employee, especially one who loves to cook. The best part is that you can imprint or laser engrave your logo, tagline, and customized text on this wooden knife block. This set includes a chef knife, a carving knife, steak and paring knives, and kitchen shears. A knife block set is an excellent gift because it is unique, practical, and long lasting.

Learn more about the Studio Cuisine 18 Piece Peened Knife Block Set.

8. QualityImprint Custom Double Camping Hammock

A double camping hammock is a unique and exciting annual work gift for your employees or colleagues. This double camping hammock by QualityImprint comes with two tree straps, and you can imprint your logo in six color options. This camping gear also includes two solid carabiners and can accommodate two adults comfortably. Any recipient will greatly appreciate this gift because of its versatility. You will come to mind whenever users go hiking, camping, backpacking, on beach trips, or just lounge in their backyard with this hammock.

Learn more about the QualityImprint Custom Double Camping Hammock.

9. Corporate Gifts Branded Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

Pizza is a favorite among many folks, and a branded pizza oven is an exciting gift any recipient would love. The Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven allows you to screen print your logo or personalized artwork on the item’s surface. This easy-to-use gift has a dual-fuel capability that adds a touch of wood-fired flavor to your pizza. Users can also take advantage of propane-fueled flames if they want that option. Also, this gift is a fantastic option to present to an employee because it has a lifetime warranty to guarantee longevity.

Learn more about Corporate Gifts Branded Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven.

10. Forever Gifts Personalized Jewelry box

This four-inch square personalized jewelry box is a stunning gift item jewelry lovers will be happy to receive, especially because of its unique vintage design. You can also write a customized message of up to three lines on the box’s surface or engrave it with a monogram for a more appealing look. This antique-looking, non-tarnish jewelry box is a charming gift for an employee because its elegance will make a great impression.

Learn more about Forever Gifts Personalized Jewelry Box.

11. Fairway Leather Zipper Pouch

The Fairway leather zipper pouch is a thoughtful golf accessory any golf-loving employee would appreciate. You can choose your preferred color, text, font, and stitching color for the zipper pouch. Further, you could customize the pouch more with your company’s logo embroidered on the front. This leather zipper pouch is a meaningful end of year work gift for employees because it protects golf balls and other valuables from getting lost. The pouch comes with a sturdy hook that the recipient can attach to their golf bag whenever they play.

Learn more about the Fairway Leather Zipper Pouch.

12. Personalization Mall Branded Cement Vase

A personalized flower vase is a lovely gift for an employee crazy about flowers and planting. This cement vase includes text that says, “Love grows here.” You can also add two lines of personalized text, which could be the company or recipient’s name. The recipient will be happy with this flower vase because it is thoughtful and acts as a unique decor item, whether filled with flowers or displayed alone.

Learn more about the Personalization Mall Branded Cement Vase.

13. Spark Personalized Scented Candle

The Spark personalized scented candle is an ingenious gift for the employee who loves aromatherapy and sweet-scenting spaces. You can choose your preferred fragrance, the type of candle glass you want, and an image of the recipient or the company’s logo. This personalized scented candle is a lovely annual work gift for the employee who loves fragrances because it adds a unique aroma to the atmosphere, making it more cozy and relaxing.

Learn more about Spark Personalized Scented Candle.

14. Printfection Customized W&P Porter Ceramic Bowl

The customized W&P porter ceramic bowl is a lunch box that can be laser engraved with your company’s name or logo for a more personalized look. This bowl features a protective silicone wrap, snap-tight strap, and rigid plastic lid. This BPA-free gift item is microwave and dishwasher safe. The Printfection customized W&P porter ceramic bowl is a personable gift that shows thoughtfulness for the employee.

Learn more about the Printfection Customized W&P Porter Ceramic Bowl.

15. The Cocktail Box Co. Custom Cocktail Kit

A cocktail kit is another unique end of year present that will put a smile on the face of the recipient. This custom cocktail set includes a stainless-steel muddler, garnish picks, a hand-woven cocktail napkin, and quality ingredients that can make up to three different cocktail mixes. You can design your cocktail set with your logo and personalized text and choose from an array of design templates if you do not have a custom design. This custom cocktail kit is a unique and memorable gift that will celebrate the year’s hard work.

Learn more about The Cocktail Box Co. Custom Cocktail Kit.

16. Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Any coffee lover will be happy to receive a customized coffee maker as an end of year work gift from their boss or colleague. This coffee maker has an ultra-mesh coffee filter that works well with any coffee grounds. Additionally, the product has a non-slip silicone handle, and you can imprint a silkscreen design on the surface. The Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker is an impressive gift for the coffee-loving employee because it means saying goodbye to frequent coffee shop purchases.

Learn more about the Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

17. Relish Personalized Sonic Electric Toothbrush

The Relish personalized sonic electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor is a charming gift that will surely win you extra brownie points with your employees. This electric toothbrush has three operating modes, including Soft, Clean, and Massage. The pressure sensor activates when the brushing force is too strong and automatically turns off the toothbrush. You can imprint your logo on the toothbrush’s surface and customize its color and appearance. Overall, the Relish personalized sonic electric toothbrush is an impressive gift for recipients.

Learn more about the Relish Personalized Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

18. Etchey Personalized Jon’s Scoop

If you want an annual work gift to thrill the employee with a sweet tooth, then consider the Etchey personalized Jon’s scoop. This ice cream scoop is aluminum and has a non-stick coating. You can personalize this product with the company’s name or any text you choose. Also, the design is laser engraved for a lasting impression. This personalized ice cream scoop is the perfect gift for your ice cream-loving employee.

Learn more about the Etchey Personalized Jon’s Scoop.

19. Underabuck Branded Sky Binder Clip

Binder clips are essential in any office, and a clip is a valuable gift to present to your employees at the end of the year. The Underabuck sky binder clip comes rectangle, square, and round. You can choose the color and include your logo or desired artwork, and this imprint will be in full color. These binder clips are strong and can safely hold a considerable amount of paper together. These branded binder clips help recipients deal with disorganized paperwork on their desks.

Learn more about the Underabuck Branded Sky Binder Clip.

20. CapBeast Customized Beanie

This customized beanie heralds the winter season and is a perfect end of year work gift to present to your employees. The CapBeast beanie is available in over five colors, and you can customize it with your unique text, logo, or artwork. Additionally, you can place your design on the beanie’s front, back, left, or right side. The recipient will be happy to receive this gift item because it is warm, cozy, and perfect for cold days and nights.

Learn more about the CapBeast Customized Beanie.

21. Groovy Guy Gifts Personalized BBQ Board

This personalized BBQ board is a practical gift item recipients will appreciate. The Groovy Guy personalized BBQ board has a versatile design perfect for kitchen and patio use. This board also has a juice groove for cutting or serving meat. You can personalize the center of this BBQ board with the recipient’s name, the company’s name, or any text of your choice. This gift is artistic, thoughtful, and designed to last for years.

Learn more about the Groovy Guy Gifts Personalized BBQ Board.

22. EverythingBranded Digital Kitchen Scale

A digital kitchen scale is a wonderful end of year gift, especially when customized. The EverythingBranded digital kitchen scale is available in white, and you can imprint your company’s name, logo, or personalized text on the surface. This personalized kitchen scale has an LCD screen and one replaceable battery. The EverythingBranded digital kitchen scale is a fantastic gift idea because it is handy for measuring items’ weight during meal preparation.

Learn more about the EverythingBranded Digital Kitchen Scale.

23. MemorableGifts Personalized Keepsake Box

If you want a gift that celebrates beautiful memories, then the MemorableGifts personalized keepsake box is a thoughtful idea. This keepsake box comes in a silver fortune-cookie design, and you can laser engrave your company’s name or the recipient’s initials on the side of the container to create a lasting design. Whenever the recipient stores a special item in their keepsake box, you will come to mind, and they will appreciate your gift for a long time.

Learn more about the MemorableGifts Personalized Keepsake Box.


Gifts are signs of appreciation, and most folks enjoy receiving them. You can take your organizational culture further by giving your employees and colleagues end of year work gifts. Although buying a gift the recipient will appreciate can be challenging, we have provided a solution. Our list of annual work gifts for employees will surely put a smile on the face of the recipient, regardless of which one you pick.

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FAQ: End of year gifts for employees

Here are some frequently asked questions about the end of year gifts for employees.

What is an end of year gift for employees?

End of year employee gifts are items given to the employees at the end of a work year to show appreciation for their contributions so far. Giving gifts is usually part of a positive organizational culture.

What are some excellent examples of end of year gifts for employees?

Some excellent examples of end of year gifts for employees are a Forever Gift jewelry box, an EverythingBranded kitchen scale, The Cocktail Box Co. cocktail kit, and a Takeya coffee maker. Others include a Studio Cuisine knife block set, a RusticCraft personalized gardening set, and a QualityImprint branded hammock.

Why should companies give out end of year gifts to employees?

Companies may choose to give end of year gifts to their employees for several reasons. Such gifts demonstrate appreciation, acknowledge hard work and dedication, and show that the company values its employees. Giving gifts can also foster a sense of goodwill and connection, boost employee morale, and strengthen relationships between employees and the company. Additionally, gifting can create a festive atmosphere and celebrate the holiday season in the workplace.

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