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17 Group Volunteer Opportunities & Ideas for Work in 2023

Here is a list of group volunteer opportunities for work.

Group volunteer opportunities are multi-person service projects that improve volunteers’ towns, regions, or the world. For example, cleaning a public park, planting a community garden, or rounding up care packages. These projects aim to give teammates a shared purpose and incentive to give back to the broader community.

These ideas are similar to employee volunteer programs, and are in-person versions of online volunteering projects and virtual fundraising events.

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List of group volunteer opportunities for work

Your group can make a difference by trying innovative volunteer ideas, whether as an occasional community service project or part of a more extensive corporate social responsibility program. Here is a list of the best group volunteering ideas for companies.

1. Collect care packages

Your group can directly impact those in need by putting together care packages. To achieve this goal, you may want to work with an organization that can provide guidance on items to include and dropoff instructions. For example, your team can assemble backpacks filled with school supplies for underprivileged children and families. You may also send hygiene kits containing comfort products to soldiers serving overseas with platforms like VolunteerMatch and PackagesfromHome.

2. Conduct a public cleanup

Public space cleanup is a terrific volunteering activity for environmentally-minded teams. You can organize a cleanup at a local park, woodland, road, or beach with the help of your friends. This activity allows you to contribute to reducing pollution, building community, and making your area seem more friendly and safe.

Candy wrappers, cigarette butts, and other garbage often litter highways in your area. You can organize frequent cleanups to keep this eyesore under control. You may sponsor sections of local roads and highways in many places. You may be permitted to put up a sign in return for financial assistance or frequent cleaning as a type of local advertising.

You may host a private event or join an existing neighborhood cleaning crew in your city. Alternatively, you can “claim” a public place and dedicate time and resources to keeping it clean. If you want to make the task more enjoyable for your workers, then you can also provide awards and incentives to those that gather the most waste!

3. Organize a fundraising event at your workplace

You have probably heard of workplace fundraisers. These efforts have included holding a 50-50 raffle, a silent auction, or a banquet to raise money for a cause.

You can go the extra mile by trying a more original and creative approach. It is possible, for instance, to have a baking competition in which workers pay to sample baked products and vote on their favorites. Or, you can host a pub quiz where teams contribute money to participate and hopefully win a trophy for the most competent team. Another option is to have a poker night where players’ buy-ins go to the cause.

4. Implement a charity team building program

In North America, charity team building activities are among the most popular types of team building. Employees like these activities because they accomplish three goals: create a fun environment, help build stronger working connections, and benefit the community.

Examples of popular charitable team building events include:

Bike building charity: A charity bike building is a collaborative way for companies to give back to the community. This team-building exercise tests your ingenuity and ability to communicate effectively by designing, constructing, and donating bicycles.

Wheelchair building: This activity is a hands-on philanthropic team-building activity. Team members can volunteer to build and test wheelchairs for wounded or physically challenged people in the community.

Virtual charitable games: This activity involves giving back remotely as a team-building exercise. You and your coworkers may participate in virtual charity games to help people in need while having a good time. The virtual team-building exercise boosts morale by turning a friendly competition into generous contributions.

School supply charity: Teams compete in a series of tasks to win school materials and backpacks. After collecting the bags, your group can donate them to children in need in your area.

Acts of kindness: The practice of doing little acts of kindness for others is a wonderful way to improve morale among coworkers while also spreading happiness. Doing nice deeds is excellent for your well-being and boosts team spirit. A scavenger hunt with a humanitarian twist is the inspiration behind this charity event. Two teams compete against each other to accomplish as many good acts before the time runs out.

Concert charity: You and your team will collaborate to create musical instruments using tools and hardware. Then, you may all donate the creations to a good cause after performing for the community.

Check out more charity team building ideas.

5. Gather and donate pet food

Animal-loving groups can participate in a month-long challenge to gather and distribute as much pet food as possible. This activity is one of the most common volunteer opportunities for small groups. The process can be enjoyable, and your furry pals in need will benefit from your generosity.

If you are looking for a way to gather pet food, then visit pet businesses in your neighborhood, put up posters outside of your workplace, or solicit donations from family and friends. You could also organize a “Pet Wash,” where the group members clean animals for a bag of pet food. After you finish your collection, visit the local animal shelter or use the Pets of the Homeless program to identify a donation location.

6. Sponsor a youth sports team

Sports provide a place for youngsters of all ages to practice collaboration, develop essential life skills, and meet new friends. An example of corporate community service ideas would be sponsoring local children’s league by paying for new equipment or tournament costs.

Additionally, this project offers an excellent chance for your organization to become more engaged in your neighborhood and assist local families. You could go to the extra length by encouraging your team members to volunteer for the team as a coach or mentor. Or, urge your group to attend games to support the players.

7. Support local veterans

A part of your group volunteer ideas for work could be showing appreciation for the courageous men and women who have given so much for their nation. The first step in showing your support for local veterans is to see if there are any veterans’ homes in your area that you can visit or organizations with which you can volunteer. You can aid veterans in the United States by partnering with organizations like the Fisher House Foundation. In Canada, you may help raise money and awareness for veterans’ difficulties by participating in a program run by organizations like Wounded Warriors.

8. Create a public artwork

If you have a team of creatives, then you can consider investing in a few paintbrushes and paint as part of an environment beautification project. Team bonding exercises such as painting a mural, creating artwork, or molding a sculpture may foster camaraderie among members. In addition, the art will transform a public area into a more bright and appealing place for visitors.

You can check whether your municipal administration is looking for artwork. Then, devise a strategy with your group to bring the wish to reality. Proper organization is important, and it would help if you allocate tasks to staff interested in participating in this project.

9. Plan festive gifting

You may help families in your neighborhood by gathering and donating things such as nonperishable food, gently used clothes, and children’s toys. This activity will go a long way, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, when many underprivileged families cannot afford the luxuries we take for granted.

You can make your workplace Christmas drive even more thrilling by providing incentives for the workers who can give the most.

10. Cultivate a garden for the community

A communal garden might be a fun project for your team if you have members who are passionate about gardening. This volunteering idea is a great way to connect with nearby residents and to enjoy the great outdoors.

As part of starting a garden, you will need to choose a location for your plot, clean it, establish a design, acquire materials like seeds and soil, and arrange volunteer work teams. Then, you can choose a plot for your plants, flowers, or veggies and start growing. In the end, your community will have a new source of long-term enrichment.

Many of your neighbors like eating fresh fruits and vegetables. You will have a positive impact on both your neighborhood and your company’s image if you and your workers commit to weekly gardening sessions in a community garden. Plus, you will get to eat the fruits of your labor if you dig about in the ground. After a grueling gardening session, there is nothing better than savoring a juicy tomato straight off the vine.

Community gardens are also one of the best group volunteering activities for students.

11. Donate blood

Blood donation is one of the most generous gifts to humanity. Your group’s blood donations may aid cancer patients, trauma victims, sickle cell disease sufferers, burn victims, and chronic illness sufferers. You can plan a blood drive at your business, and workers can donate at their local bank on a designated day. You can print a brochure for workers who are unsure or undecided about giving to the cause. You can find the nearest blood donor center by visiting the Red Cross website.

12. Organize a local race or marathon

Local races are a terrific way to get folks out of the house and also a great way to boost team bonding. Team members can get to know each other and acquaint themselves with community members. Running a race for a local charity like a food pantry or humane society is excellent.

Planning these events can be challenging. However, becoming an organizer or sponsor is a great way for your company to contribute to the event’s setup, guide participants, or give meals to runners who have finished the race. You can also sponsor awards or prizes for the winners and runners-up of the race. The winners will acknowledge your kindness and remember you for future business.

13. Help the homeless

According to Global Homelessness Statistics, more than three million individuals are now homeless in North America. Unfortunately, many people overlook this situation. However, you can help the homeless by volunteering.

For instance, you can partner with a local food bank or homeless shelter. No matter how little your contribution is, you can make a big difference by helping them raise money, providing food and beverages for their meals, or collecting donations via a charity event.

14. Challenge yourself to go green

With an eco-friendly challenge, you can encourage your team to do their part to help the environment. This challenge is excellent for increasing awareness about how everyday routines contribute to “green” concerns like water, waste, energy, and health.

You could use a service like Ecochallenge, or establish your green program. These programs often take about a month and might comprise objectives like encouraging staff to commute by bicycle or promoting the use of recyclables like cloth grocery bags. When the month ends, your team will have learned and practiced how to live more sustainably and ecologically friendly.

15. Do pro bono work

If your firm has services that can support a charity endeavor, nonprofit organization, or a cause, then consider volunteering to take on projects or provide support for free. By doing pro bono work, you can make your employees participate actively and feel aligned with the business and its values.

16. Create a mentorship program

You can get a new generation of experts interested in your sector by launching a mentoring program. Whether online or in-person, offering mentoring opportunities is a great group volunteering idea. For example, you may mentor students or ambitious young professionals who could benefit from your organization’s expertise. Another option is to allow staff members interested in mentoring others to set aside a certain amount of work time each month.

Having students spend a day or two observing your company’s staff is an arrangement many schools are open to discussing. The news would go out fast if these young people enjoyed the activity. Any company wishing to start a full-blown internship program should take this initial step.

Here is a list of mentorship program ideas, and a list of books on mentoring programs.

17. Educate others

You can give the community the gift of free education by using the specific talents of your staff. For instance, offer a free seminar to interested community members in areas of expertise like sales, marketing, technology, or even customer service. Technology businesses can provide computer lessons, restaurants can offer cooking classes, and dancing studios may provide dancing lessons to individuals of all ages. This initiative can be an excellent way for your staff to share their expertise, hone their public speaking abilities, and assist others in developing crucial business competencies.

After determining the subject, investigate whether your local library, community center, or elder care facility would participate in advertising and hosting the seminar. You will have an easier time spreading the word about your company’s objective if the free activity is related. Even though most people prefer to attend free events, you may still collect a fee and donate the revenues to a good cause of your choice. Participants can also contribute nonperishable food shelves in exchange for free sessions.


Employee volunteerism is challenging to coordinate since it is so reliant on the size and schedule of the organization. On the other hand, volunteering may positively impact your company’s culture since it allows your workers to connect and give back to their community. A study by Cone Research revealed that 74 percent of workers said their jobs were more satisfying when they had the opportunity to have a good impact.

When it comes to finding unique volunteer opportunities for big groups, there are certainly many options, regardless of your location. You can use a tool like VolunteerMatch to find new ways to give back to your community and learn about all the many causes you may support. After deciding on the volunteering modalities, you can either set out a few hours for everyone to leave the workplace or give each person a day off. Employees will develop closer bonds as they give back, making your efforts worthwhile.

Giving back in today’s business environment is a requirement that many firms actively expect from their staff, yet is also an activity many professionals are happy to do. Doing good and volunteering is a means of boosting employee morale and creating a more dynamic business culture.

Next, check out this list of international volunteer day ideas, list of books on nonprofits and this list of community-building ideas.

FAQ: Group volunteer opportunities

The following are frequently asked questions about group volunteer opportunities.

What are group volunteer projects?

Group volunteer projects are activities that require members to commit their time and resources to help the community.

What are the best volunteering ideas for groups?

Some of the best group volunteering ideas include creating a mentorship program, sponsoring youths sports, and organizing a fundraiser.

How do you plan a group volunteering event for work?

Like many organizational choices, get every group member on board for volunteer activities. This project is a company-wide effort, and senior leadership should ensure that all workers have a say in the plan.

Also, for the safety and security of both your team and the people they will be assisting and any other logistical considerations, always consult with related charities before you engage in any volunteer work.

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