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11 Metaverse Party Ideas, Games & Activities

You have found our list of metaverse party ideas, games, and activities.

Metaverse party ideas, games, and activities are a list of virtual experiences that users can attend in a shared online environment. These virtual experiences include metaverse photo booths, dance parties, and movie nights. The purpose of these ideas is to provide a convenient and safe way of socializing with others when an in-person gathering is not an available option.

Metaverse activities are similar to group virtual experiences, VR team building activities, and virtual escape rooms. Doing activities in the metaverse is a great way to engage remote teams and boost morale.


This list includes:

  • metaverse party games
  • metaverse party activities
  • metaverse birthday party ideas
  • metaverse Christmas party ideas
  • metaverse theme party ideas

Let’s begin!

List of metaverse party ideas, games, and activities

Metaverse activities provide a safe and convenient avenue to socialize with others regardless of geographical location and time. Here is a list of ideas, games, and activities for your next metaverse party.

1. VRChat

VRChat is one of the fun metaverse party games and a well-known platform that allows users to explore different virtual worlds. Also, users get to build and personalize individual avatars. One popular feature of VRChat is the platform’s capacity to host virtual parties and events. These events include a range of mini-games and activities like trivia games, dancing competitions, and karaoke.

With the social features of VRChat, virtual party attendees will have a ton of fun. Users can join public or private rooms for real-time player interaction. In addition, players get to create distinctive settings and characters for parties due to the avatar modification and virtual spaces. These options further enhance the excitement of the game.


  • Full-body avatars with lip sync, eye tracking, and complete range of motion
  • Hand gestures, emote, and emojis for self-expression
  • 3D spatialized audio offers clear conversations
  • Varieties of games to choose from, including Capture the Flag, Battle Discs, and other games built by the community
  • Unity SDK for the creation of virtual worlds and avatars

VRChat is accessible to a broader audience because players can participate on desktop, laptop computers, and VR headsets, providing a fully immersive VR experience for players.

Check out VRChat.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft is an excellent alternative for online activities due to the platform’s customization features and open-world gameplay. In Minecraft, users can design mini-games and challenges, such as treasure hunts and obstacle courses. These games are customizable based on the party’s theme and interest. Additionally, users can collaborate on construction projects or engage in mini-game competitions in the multiplayer version of Minecraft, bringing a social component to the game.


  • A virtual living room for relaxation and total immersion so users can experience games on screen in a simulated lounge
  • Enhanced VR control, making movement as smooth as possible
  • New and improved locations and spaces give players more to explore
  • A play-to-create mode that allows players to put their imagination to practical use

Minecraft has various resources like custom maps and guides that improve the party experience.

Check out Minecraft.

3. Avatar Costume Party

An avatar costume party is one of the best metaverse theme party ideas. A great way to showcase guests’ creativity and personality in a virtual world is to ask them to dress as their preferred avatar from a video game, film, or television program. Also, avatar costume parties introduce guests to various virtual reality realms and personas. Participants learn more about the metaverse and its various opportunities by sharing their favorite avatars and virtual worlds.

Here is how to host an avatar costume party:

  1. Choose a virtual reality platform that offers ready-made avatars or lets you customize your own for you and your visitors. Examples include Second Life, Decentraland, and IMVU.
  2. Invite guests to the avatar-themed party. When the party begins, allow them enough time to develop or select their character.
  3. Choose a theme for the avatar costume party, such as superheroes, fanciful creatures, or beloved movie characters. These themes will enable visitors to focus their choices and foster a more seamless party environment.
  4. Make a virtual location where visitors can enter to engage in conversation and display their avatars. This environment could be a virtual party space that matches the party’s theme.
  5. Notify guests of the virtual reality platform, party information, and instructions on creating an avatar or entering the virtual world. Before the party begins, ensure guests are familiar with and know how to utilize the platform.

With a bit of creativity and planning, you can create a memorable party experience that showcases the unique personalities of each guest in the virtual world.

Check out Second Life, Decentraland, and IMVU.

4. Metaverse Movie Night

A movie night is one of the most exciting metaverse Christmas party ideas. Organizing a movie night is a social and fun way to engage with family and friends worldwide during the festive season. Platforms like VRChat and Sansar are great for hosting movie nights.

Here are some tips for hosting a metaverse movie night:

  • Choose a virtual reality platform that supports shared video streaming and allows you to create a virtual space for the movie night, such as VRChat and Sansar.
  • Select a movie that appeals to all guests and suits the party’s theme. For example, some Christmas movie ideas include Home Alone, Elf, and A Christmas Story.
  • Pick a convenient date and time for all visitors, allowing them to set up their virtual reality gear and personalize their avatars.
  • Create a virtual area with a living room, theater, or lounge. Ensure guests entering the virtual area feels at ease and has a beautiful viewing experience.
  • Even if you cannot physically share them with your guests, make snacks and drinks for the movie night. You may even share recipes with guests so you can all enjoy the same snacks together. This act will contribute to the event’s fun and social environment.

Christmas is a period for families and friends to come together. However, some individuals cannot afford this luxury due to different geographical locations. A metaverse movie night is a great way to bridge this gap.

Learn more about Sansar.

5. Metaverse Dance Party

With a virtual dance party, folks get to communicate and socialize with one another from the convenience of their homes. A virtual dance party is beneficial when social distance and different locations make it difficult for groups to gather physically. One fun aspect of a virtual dance party is you can customize the music and virtual environment to your preferred taste. With a virtual dance floor and party atmosphere, you can encourage guests to show off their best dance moves. Then, take your virtual party a notch higher by hiring a virtual DJ to play music and keep the party going.

Here is how to organize a metaverse dance party:

  1. Choose a platform to screen share, play music, and interact with guests. Examples of such programs include Kumospace and Google Meet.
  2. Create a virtual space for the dance party. Getting a space might involve building or renting a virtual club. Ensure the area is big enough to accommodate guests and has good lighting and sound.
  3. Invite guests to the party by sharing the required login details. Ensure all guests have the technology and software to engage in the metaverse party.
  4. Select a music playlist that suits the party’s mood and theme. Most metaverse platforms allow music streaming in the virtual space, but you can also use third-party streaming sites like Spotify.
  5. Decorate the virtual space to create a party ambiance and add visual components. Decorations can include lighting and interactive objects.
  6. Depending on the party size, you can designate some guests as security officers, DJs, and bartenders.

Although organizing a metaverse dance party involves some technical knowledge, the dance party will create a more engaging experience for guests.

Check out Kumospace and Google Meet.

6. Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo Sport is a fantastic game, particularly for lovers of racing simulators. The game features different types of vehicles and tracks, including replicas of real-world locations like the Nürburgring and the Circuit de la Sarthe. This real-world experience can give players an immersive experience as they race through well-known tracks and compete with other players online. Gran Turismo Sport also has a comprehensive online multiplayer mode. This mode allows players to form teams worldwide and compete in races and tournaments.

However, if you are looking for a newer version of the game, then Gran Turismo 7 is now available in VR. This game offers even more realistic graphics and physics and new features like dynamic weather and a campaign mode.

How to play the Gran Turismo:

  1. Connect your VR headset to the PlayStation console.
  2. Launch the game, and select the VR Tour mode from the main menu.
  3. Choose a car and track, then customize the settings to your liking.
  4. Put on your VR headset, and start the race.
  5. Use the VR headset to look around the virtual environment as you race.
  6. Use your PlayStation controller to steer your car and control your speed.

Motion sickness is common while playing Gran Turismo. Therefore, taking frequent breaks is essential.

Check out Gran Turismo Sport and Gran Turismo 7.

7. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a multiplayer and puzzle-solving game. In this game, players must rely on strong communication to defuse a ticking bomb.

How to play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes:

  1. Connect a VR headset that is compatible with the game. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality platforms.
  2. Choose a player to act as the Defuser and another as the Expert. The Defuser remains inside the virtual room with the bomb while the Experts have the guide for defusing the bomb.
  3. Note that the Experts cannot see the bomb, and the Defuser cannot see the instructions. As a result, communication must be effective between players.
  4. The Experts guide the Defuser through the detonation process by reading out instructions from the guide. The Defuser must follow these instructions carefully, as any mistake can lead to an explosion.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a thrilling game that tests players’ communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.

Check out Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

8. Among Us

Among Us is a space-themed virtual game where players assume the roles of Impostors or Crewmates. Each round of the game takes place in a spacecraft, and the Crewmates must complete a set of tasks while keeping an eye out for Impostors.

How to play Among Us:

  1. Create or join a world that supports Among Us gameplay.
  2. Once inside the world, select a group of players, with one team acting as the Crewmates and the others acting as Impostors.
  3. As an Impostor, try to sabotage the spaceship and kill other players without getting caught. Using your communications skills, convince other players that you are not an Impostor.
  4. ​Crewmates will complete tasks and attempt to discover the Impostors.
  5. If Crewmates successfully identify the Impostors, then they win the game. However, if Crewmates fail to identify the Impostors, then they lose the game.

Among Us is one of the most exciting metaverse games that test players’ communication and deception skills.

Check out Among Us.

9. Metaverse Photo Booth

A metaverse photo booth is the digital variation of the conventional photo booth present at events and gatherings. Guests use a digital representation of themselves, like avatars, to take pictures against a digital backdrop using accessories and filters. Also, guests can use webcams and devices to capture and share these pictures online for others to see.

Here is how to set up a metaverse photo booth:

  1. Choose a metaverse world with a photo booth option that suits the theme for your event. Examples include Outsnapped and The Best Photo Booths.
  2. Customize the photo booth with suitable filters, backdrops, and props.
  3. Invite guests to your photo booth during the party, and encourage them to take pictures and share them with others.
  4. Save the pictures to your device, and upload them on an easily-accessible platform.

A metaverse photo booth tops the list of metaverse birthday party ideas that add a fun and personalized touch to your birthday celebration.

Check out Outsnapped and The Best Photo Booths.

10. Virtual Karaoke

One of the most exciting metaverse party activities is virtual karaoke. Karaoke is an interactive way of bringing folks together and lighting up any party. In the metaverse, you get to sing along to your favorite songs in the presence of friends and family. In addition, virtual karaoke offers the luxury of performing a duet, allowing for a more collaborative experience.

Here are some tips for setting up virtual karaoke:

  1. Choose a virtual world or platform like VRChat or PartyOn and create a dedicated karaoke space. Your space can be a lounge or party room.
  2. Select the song you want guests to sing, and ensure the lyrics to these songs are available.
  3. Send out invitations and provide all necessary details for guests to access the platform.
  4. Start the party and allow guests to select a song to sing. Also, encourage guests to take part in duet performances.

A virtual karaoke party requires little planning and preparation. However, you can create an entertaining and memorable experience for all guests.

Check out VRChat and PartyOn.

11. Virtual Treasure Hunt

Virtual treasure hunts offer players a fun and engaging means of exploring virtual environments while finding hidden treasures. In a virtual treasure hunt, players get a set of clues to reach a specific location or uncover hidden treasure. These tasks include riddles, puzzles, and any activity requiring teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity skills. Some common settings in virtual treasure hunts include theme parks and museums. In addition, you can design virtual treasure hunts that suit the event at hand. Examples of such platforms include Decentraland and Emeraude Escape.

Here are tips for creating a virtual treasure hunt:

  1. Define the goal of the treasure hunt. Goals can include solving a mystery or reaching a specific destination.
  2. Choose a theme for your treasure hunt relevant to the event’s goal.
  3. Design a series of clues that will lead players to the final destination.
  4. Plan the route players will take to complete the treasure hunt. Ensure the route is easy to follow and understand.
  5. Set some ground rules for the game, including restrictions, time limits, and safety guidelines.
  6. Test the treasure hunt route to ensure the event goes according to design.

Virtual treasure hunt promotes teamwork as players work together to solve puzzles and complete the tasks.

Check out Decentraland and Emeraude Escape.


The metaverse provides many exciting party ideas, games, and activities opportunities. Different options exist in the metaverse for all participants, including dance parties and racing games. Whatever the event is, the metaverse provides endless opportunities for learning, socialization, and entertainment. Unlike physical events, you can create unique environments you cannot replicate in real life. Also, the metaverse is safe and accessible from any part of the world.

Next up, check out these articles on out-of-the-box team meeting ideas and virtual field trips.

FAQ: Metaverse party ideas, games, and activities

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about metaverse party ideas, games, and activities.

What are metaverse activities?

Players can engage and collaborate with each other within virtual environments, known as the “metaverse,” promoting socialization and fun. Metaverse activities are interactive and engaging experiences in a virtual environment like a metaverse platform. These activities range from simple social interactions to engaging games and challenges. These games provide an exciting and innovative way to bring folks together regardless of their physical location.

What are the best metaverse party games?

The best games include Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Among Us, and Gran Turismo. By exploring the metaverse and connecting with others in a fun and engaging way, players can enjoy a unique and memorable experience.

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