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18 Best Online Murdering Mystery Games In The UK

You’ve found our list of fun UK online murder mystery games.

UK online murder mystery games are virtual versions of dinner party whodunit activities. These interactive crime-solving games allow UK-based teams to recreate the crime-solving fun that remote, in-person, and hybrid groups can enjoy. With scripted scenarios, improvised role-playing, and clever detective work, virtual murder mysteries transform players into suspects and sleuths working to bring an unknown culprit to justice. Examples of these games include Jazz Age Jeopardy, A Very Merry Christmas Murder, and Manor House Murder Mystery.

These exercises are a subset of problem-solving games and virtual murder mysteries. These games work well during virtual team building activities and virtual team dinners. You can also include these murder mysteries as part of your indoor group activities for hybrid teams to enjoy.

This list includes:

  • paid online murdering mystery games in the UK
  • free online murdering mystery games in the UK
  • virtual murder mystery party ideas for UK teams

Here we go!

Paid Online Murdering Mystery Games in the UK

Here are options for paid, hosted murder mystery events to try with your team.

1. Murder in Ancient Egypt

Storytelling combines with puzzle solving in this exciting murder mystery set in the sands of Egypt. Breakout teams follow a meandering trail as they decrypt the clues to solve a dastardly murder. Time is of the essence as your work your way to an exciting reveal in an escape room-style game with deadly overtones.

This virtual event accommodates teams of nine to 300 players for 90 minutes of lethal fun. 

Learn more about Murder in Ancient Egypt.

2. Murder in the Speakeasy

A blend of historical fact and fantastical fiction leads Murder in the Speakeasy. This throwback whodunit transports players to the roaring 1920s to solve the murder of a philosophy professor in the Krazy Kat club. The murder may be a work of fiction, but the club setting and several character names are tributes to real figures from the era.

Teams of between nine and 300 online players have 90 minutes to unravel the mystery and bring the killer to justice.

Learn more about Murder in the Speakeasy.

3. A Very Merry Christmas Murder

Albi LeGrinch’s family-style Christmas comes to a tragic end when his murder occurs mid-celebration. The Christmas tree merchant’s body hanging from the top of his fabulous tree puts a definite damper on the occasion before the gifts are even unwrapped. With a hidden holiday killer lurking somewhere in Albi’s mountainside estate, every guest is a suspect in a murder most un-festive.
With a slightly higher rating than other murder mystery games, A Very Merry Christmas Murder provides up to three hours of play for four to eight players ages 18 and older. Players can become colorful characters with humorous, pun-filled names like Hugh Diddit and Yule Gröhn.
Learn more about A Very Merry Christmas Murder.

4. A Very Shakespearean Murder

Sleuthing teams can enjoy a humorous whodunit filled with satirical references to the Bard in A Very Shakespearean Murder. When Queen Derivative II’s jester ends up dead in his bed quarters, a host of Elizabethan characters become suspects in the killing. With every player portraying a silly take on a well-known Shakespeare character, the game is familiar while also being fresh and fun.

Teams of six to 14 players can enjoy between two and three hours of gameplay as the guests in the queen’s court deduce who among them is the murderer. The adult humor and racy references to Shakespearean themes make this title a suitable murder mystery for teams over the age of 18.

Learn more about A Very Shakesperean Murder.

5. Murder on the Train

You and your team travel by train from Paris to Constantinople in the 1920s when a tycoon onboard turns dead. The task of solving this heinous crime now falls on you and your crack crew of super sleuths. But while other players serve as detectives in this murder mystery game, that does nothing to strike them from the suspect list.

With Murder on the Train, UK gaming company Wildgoose offers remote teams the flexibility to play in virtual, in-person, and hybrid settings. Groups of between six and 1,000 or more players use their smartphones to locate the killer. Your team can enjoy up to 90 minutes of augmented reality activities and puzzle-solving for a uniquely 21st Century murder mystery experience.

Learn more about Murder on the Train.

6. The Red Carpet Murder

It may be blood staining the carpet in The Red Carpet Murder, a whodunit where a glamorous showbiz award celebration is the scene of a dastardly murder. Drama ensues as players cast their suspicions on each other in a cinematic search for the murderer. With only one victim and one murderer among a cast of sinister suspects, tracking down the killer will be a full-blown production.
The Red Carpet Murder spoofs glittering after parties in a murder mystery game for up to 14 players. Fans of films and posh award ceremonies will enjoy assuming the roles of actors, actresses, and producers, with references to real stars included to help players get into character. The invitations for the game are even styled to look like award ceremony announcements.
Learn more about The Red Carpet Murder.

7. Manor House Murder Mystery

A school reunion becomes a crime scene when guests discover the dead body of an attendee. The clock is ticking as you and your crew of ace detectives navigates the event to find the killer. Your team  gets 90 minutes to locate the criminal. But, with suspects lurking all around you, bringing a murderer to justice may not be as easy as it seems.
Manor House Murder Mystery uses a game-specific phone app to let players explore clues and follow an interactive map during their detective work. The expansive online play capabilities allow teams of between six and 1000 or more players to jump into action to solve the mystery. Additionally, hybrid teams can take advantage of the blended in-person and online play possibilities.
Learn more about Manor House Murder Mystery.

Free Online Murdering Mystery Games in the UK

Here are free ideas for your online murder mystery.

8. Jazz Age Jeopardy

UK teams of up to 15 players can enjoy a night of death among the decadence in Jazz Age Jeopardy. The Jazz Age is in full swing, and shady speakeasy owner Felix Fontano is throwing a party for a mixed crowd. Amid the revelry, a body turns up in the supply room at the back of the club. The scene shows signs of a struggle, with clues pointing to the killer. To avoid the scandal of appearing in a Prohibition-busting establishment, your team of rogues and high-living criminals takes on the investigation themselves rather than calling the police.

This rollicking 90-minute murder mystery occurs in two separate acts. In Act One, guests mingle and enjoy the party as they get to know one another. The mystery unfolds in Act Two with the discovery of the victim and the cat-and-mouse game of figuring out which of the partygoers is the killer. Teams of up to 15 players can get dolled up in their finest flapper gowns and gangster glitz to join the intrigue.

Learn more about Jazz Age Jeopardy.

9. Way Out West

In the spring of 1884, the tiny Western town of Cactus Gulch is gearing up for a 20th-anniversary celebration and the pending arrival of the railroad. Despite the festivities, the mood is uneasy as tensions stir among townsfolk, and strangers arrive to menace the citizens. The conflict ultimately leads to a murder, but that gruesome crime is only one of the mysteries your crew needs to solve. Riddles explaining the significance of the town’s simmering hostility need solving before sleuths can solve the murder.

Groups of up to ten players can take on roles that include saloon owner, traveling preacher, and city slicker to solve the murder at Cactus Gulch. You can download a free version of the game in two editions, one with racier content for adults and one without.

Learn more about Way Out West.

10. Murder on the Menu

BBC offers this charming and free online murder mystery for food lovers to enjoy. Localtown’s annual award ceremony celebrating local culinary contributions year becomes the scene of a grisly murder. Someone stabs Localtown Gazette’s critic, Vern Ictim, to death with the Silver Slice trophy before the event begins, and no one in attendance escapes suspicion.

Murder on the Menu is suitable for teams of six to ten players. Printable invitations provide costume suggestions, while character cards summarize characters such as a hipster food blogger, a street food vendor, and a television baker. BBC’s online listing for the game also includes recipes for a recommended menu your team can create to enjoy while playing.

Learn more about Murder on the Menu.

11. Malachai Stout’s Family Reunion

The dysfunctional Stout family has reunited, putting aside their differences for the sake of greed. Elderly Malachai Stout, the unofficial patriarch, plays host to the feuding family members, all eyeing his substantial fortune as their future inheritance. When Malachai ends up murdered in his own bed, and the family jewels go missing from his safe, the Stouts are on the spot to determine who killed the old man and stole his riches. With a storm knocking down the phone lines and washing out the road to town, the family must solve the mystery themselves.

Malachai Stout’s Family Reunion is a free six-player game that offers a quick 30-minute mystery for your team to solve. Teams can double up as six separate one- to two-player teams if you have many players to accommodate.

Learn more about Malachai Stout’s Family Reunion.

12. The Detective Club Murder

You and your crew of elite crime novelists, members of the elite Detective Club, are attending the club’s 50th-anniversary celebration at the stately home of Sir Aubrey St Clair. When guests find Sir Aubrey’s lifeless body in his study, all in the manor become suspects in his murder. Secrets abound among the guests, threatening to leak out as the investigation unfolds.

UK Mystery novelist Ruth Ware invites players to step into her world of crime-solving in a free murder mystery game she has created herself. This title puts teams of four to eight players in the role of mystery writers using their deductive skills to solve the crime. There are separate character profile packs for each player to download, as well as a profile for the host or narrator. Ware’s website also provides videos of Ware playing game samples to help guide the team.

Learn more about The Detective Club Murder.

Virtual Murder Mystery Party Ideas for UK Teams

Here are ideas that will help create a fun and exciting activity for your team.

13. Dress in Costume

In addition to providing visual cues for virtual players, dressing in costumes that relate to the characters provides murder mystery games with a fun theatrical element. Invite your team to choose garb representing their character’s background or location, such as Western gear for a cowboy character or a rhinestone tiara for a princess. Players can use items they already own to keep expenses to a minimum. Because of the limited views a webcam provides, wearing a full costume is unnecessary in virtual play. A few funny accessories like hats, costume jewelry, and fake mustaches are sufficient for creating entertaining characters.

Learn more about murder mystery costumes.

14. Plan a Menu

Since online murder mystery parties are a spin-off of in-person murder mystery dinners, you can plan a simple menu for players to prepare and enjoy. The dishes can tie into the theme or setting of the game, such as a BBQ spread for Way Out West or holiday treats for A Very Merry Christmas Murder. Recipes can be easy homemade creations or even a list of store-bought snacks to keep prep work to a minimum. Once you have your menu sorted out, email it to your players and invite them to nosh on their treats as the murder mystery unfolds. You can even suggest a special drink for players to have ready for a toast when the killer is brought to justice.

Learn more about planning a murder mystery menu.

15. Speak with Accents

Taking on your character’s attributes is part of the fun of a murder mystery game. Depending on the game’s location and the origin of each character, teams can rehearse suitable accents to use while playing. Players can spend time ahead of the game reviewing audio recordings to practice their chosen accents. Websites like the accent archive at George Mason University provide a collection of clips players can use as references. Because murder mystery characters are usually fun and cartoonish, each team member can get as silly with their accents as they want to bring their roles to life.

Learn more about choosing and practicing an accent.

16. Record Your Gameplay

To capture the fun for later enjoyment, you can record your session and create a highlights reel. Zoom, MS Teams, and Skype allow video recording that you can download and edit with Canva’s free online video editor. You can pair the video with dramatic murder mystery music, use voiceovers to narrate the story, and use title cards and filters that tie into the theme. Then, send your finished reel to the team or upload it to a central site for the players to relive the excitement. You can share the tape with other teams during year-end wrap-ups and corporate reviews to show how clever your detective crew can be.

Learn more about Canva video editing.

17. Create Video Character Profiles

Team members can get into the spirit of their role by recording a quick video clip of themselves portraying their character before the game starts. Each player can dress in their costume or accessories, put on their accents, and capture the essence of their character. Encourage your players to adopt their character’s persona and get into the portrayal. They can add punchy effects and background music to make a full-blown video profile worthy of social media stardom. You can even create a hashtag and invite your team to post videos for other groups to enjoy. By emailing or uploading these profiles to a central location, you or your chosen video editor can incorporate them into the highlights reel for even more murder mystery fun.

Learn more about videos with Loom.

18. Use Virtual Backgrounds

Players can enhance the visual aspect of the mystery by choosing virtual backgrounds that represent their character’s locale. Free image-sharing sites like Pexels provide a wide variety of photos and graphics to suit various settings. Users can choose from landscapes and exteriors to illustrate their location or opt for more abstract scenes like outer space and underwater vistas to hint at their role in the game. Invite your crew to choose and test their background before the game begins so they can be ready to go when the investigation begins.

Learn more about Pexels virtual backgrounds.


With UK online murder mystery games in your virtual activity line-up, your crew can enjoy a theatrical gaming experience where costumes and accents are part of the fun. These games make it possible for remote teams to interact in an engaging and often hilarious way. Adding a simple menu, some basic costumes, and fun, themed backgrounds gives you the makings of an exciting team building activity for workers in UK countries to bond over.

For more virtual team game ideas, check into interactive games for students and virtual Christmas party ideas in the UK.

FAQ: UK online murder mystery games

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about UK online murder mystery games.

What are some good free online murder mystery games in the UK?

Some good free online murder mystery games in the UK are Way Out West, Murder on the Menu, and Malachai Stout’s Family Reunion. Many free games are upgradeable for a fee, giving you access to fuller versions of games that allow more players and include more complex gameplay.

What are the best paid online murdering mystery games in the UK?

The best paid online murdering mystery games in the UK are Murder on the Slopes, A Very Shakespearean Murder, and Murder on the Train. Some of these companies offer downloadable games that require printing for gameplay materials, while others provide games played entirely online.

What are the top murder mystery game companies in the UK?

The top murder mystery game companies in the UK are Wildgoose, Host a Murder Mystery, and Murder Mystery Party Game. These companies provide a range of fun murder mystery themes in online and downloadable formats for virtual teams to play remotely.

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