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21 Fun Corporate Event Ideas in Milwaukee, WI

You found our list of the best corporate event ideas in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Corporate event ideas in Milwaukee are a list of interesting activities to do and places to visit with a team in Milwaukee. For example, Pride Trivia, a nature walk at Riverwalk, and a happy hour at Milwaukee breweries. The purpose of these activities is to promote bonding, maintain high morale, and have fun with fellow team members.

These activities are suitable for company holiday parties, office offsites, conference entertainment, and team retreat exercises. These ideas are similar to team building ideas in Milwaukee and Milwaukee company outings.

This list includes:

  • corporate event ideas in Milwaukee for adults
  • outdoor corporate events in Milwaukee, WI
  • corporate party ideas in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • large group corporate event activities in Milwaukee

Here we go!

List of fun corporate event ideas in Milwaukee

From historical museums to forests and breweries, Milwaukee is rich in attractions to intrigue visitors and locals. Here are some of the best team building and corporate event ideas to try in Milwaukee.

1. The Great Guac Off

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The Great Guac off is an avocado-themed team building event. This hosted activity takes 90 minutes and includes activities like icebreaker games, avocado trivia, and mini-challenges.

Participants compete in a guacamole-making session to wrap up The Great Guac Off. The activity is an interactive opportunity for participants to showcase their guacamole-making talents. Once the dips are complete, participants present the guacamoles for tasting and judging.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is a fully hosted 90 minutes learning experience that highlights the key principles of good communication.

Participants attend a professional development workshop and learn the secrets of communicating effectively. Experienced performers and writers pass along a proprietary formula for crafting and delivering engaging messages that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. These tactics are applicable to the verbal or written word and have a variety of uses in the corporate world.

Attendees have a chance to practice in groups and improve based on feedback. This event gives speakers and communicators a toolkit and confidence to make messages stick.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

3. Pride Trivia

Pride Trivia banner

Pride Trivia is one of the best corporate event ideas in Milwaukee for adults. This exercise involves themed trivia questions and group reflection.

For 60 minutes, a team participates in Pride Trivia. The quizzes are engaging and educational to help teams appreciate the reasons for the celebrations. In addition, this themed trivia can enhance a team’s celebratory mood and help boost members’ confidence.

Pride Trivia is an LGBTQ- led event that draws inspiration from Pride month. However, the LGBTQ team customizes the events to suit other heritage month celebrations and holidays throughout the year. For instance, Women’s History Month and Juneteenth.
To secure an in-person event for a team, the clients must book a slot at least two weeks before the event.

Learn more about Pride Trivia.

4. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is a hosted team building competition where participants engage in a series of high-energy activities.

For 60 minutes, participants compete against each other in several challenges, such as races. The tasks are physically demanding and should take 60 seconds each.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

5. Hidden Stripey Guy

Hidden Stripey Guy is one of the best outdoor corporate events in Milwaukee. The event is a 90 minutes interactive session exploring and discovering the city.

The game is a special scavenger hunt where the team will search for The Hidden Stripey Guy. In addition, the host guides the corporate team in several other friendly competitions that require teams to collaborate to solve problems.

Learn more about Hidden Stripey Guy.

6. HD Motorcycle Exhibition at Harley-Davidson Museum

The HD motorcycles exhibition is among the leading large group corporate event activities in Milwaukee. The museum has many events spread across the year, such as Saturday HD Museum Demo Rides.

Whether the attendee is a bike rider, a fan, or anything in between, visiting Harley-Davidson Museum is rewarding. In addition, the museum has a variety of motorcycle races and bike exhibitions.

Attendees without previous hands-on experience with bikes can enjoy taking a self-guided tour at the museum and shopping for motorcycle accessories. The museum also hires out spaces and caters for non-fans, who can enjoy private events such as team building parties.

Learn More about Harley-Davidson Museum.

7. Art Gallery Viewing at The Milwaukee Art Museum

Art gallery exhibitions are among the most inspiring corporate event ideas in Milwaukee for adults.
The Milwaukee Art Museum focuses on collecting and preserving precious pieces of art. The collections at the gallery include American and European drawings, sculptures, and prints from as far as the 15th century.
This museum is open to the public. An entry ticket gives the holder access to activities like touring the museum’s art gallery. Visitors can also register and participate in specific educational programs like art classes and fun events such as summer art camp, Kohl’s art studio, and exclusive gallery talks.
Learn more about Milwaukee Art Museum.

8. Live Baseball Game at The American Family Field

The American Family Field is a stadium that hosts live baseball matches. Groups book tickets to watch a favorite team, the Famous Sausage Race, and entertainment from the stadium employees or the Milwaukee Brewers. The retractable roof stadium is a well-lit arena and has comfortable seats to help ensure that visitors have great views of the matches.

Additional attractions include the Milwaukee Brewers Wall of Honor and the American Field Walk of Fame. The team also gets to bond over the tailgating services but is welcome to bring their own snacks.
The stadium is easily accessible, with sufficient parking spaces and disability-friendly amenities. Once clients receive the tickets, they can access available offers and rewards on the MLB Ballpark app. This app lets visitors personalize their trip and claim prizes and discounts.

Learn more about the American Family Field.

9. Beach Volleyball at Bradford Beach

The Bradford Beach at Milwaukee has fantastic views and is among the top attractions in Wisconsin. This public beach is clean and hot during summer, making it a favorite place for outdoor activities and games.

Playing beach volleyball at Bradford Beach is one of the leading free corporate event ideas in Milwaukee. This game is fun and physically engaging and enhances team bonding and camaraderie.
Small teams may need to split into two teams to play the sport. However, splitting it into smaller groups would fit if the team is large. It would help to have more balls and volleyball nets in that case.

Besides the beach volleyball game, team members can also network as they sunbathe, swim, and take beach walks, among other exciting beach activities.

Learn more about Bradford Beach.

10. Happy Hour at Milwaukee Ale House

The city of Milwaukee has over 30 breweries and prides itself as the “Beer Capital of the World.” Among these beer makers, Milwaukee Ale House is among the best places to host a happy hour for corporate teams.

Milwaukee Ale House is famous for its refreshing beer and live bands, which are essential components for happy hour. Clients can choose to use the public hall or rent private spaces for the event. The happy hour enables teams to network, celebrate special events, and unwind. Additionally, clients at the ale house can relish beautiful views over the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan.

Learn more about Milwaukee Ale House.

11. Culinary Classes at Milwaukee Public Market

The Milwaukee Public Market is a food destination famous for its wide variety of fresh delicacies. For example, baked foods, cheese, fruits, and coffee can satisfy cravings. Participants also get a chance to shop for diverse ingredients.

Corporate events at the Milwaukee Public Market include activities like cooking classes. In these events, instructors from among local vendors and renowned chefs guide the corporate team members in culinary demonstrations and actual meal preparation.

Learn more about Milwaukee Public Market.

12. Sail and Dine in the Lake Express Ferry

The pioneer Lake Express is the speed auto passenger ferry that connects Milwaukee city to Muskegon, Michigan. The ferry takes two and a half hours to cross the lake one way.

Enjoyable relaxation activities to try with teams in the Lake Express Ferry include an onboard team dining at The L’Expresso Café and watching movies. Private spaces are available upon reservation.
Sailing this speedy vessel can provide teams with a memorable exploration experience, such as stunning views from the walkways and accessible outdoor decks.

Learn more about Lake Express Ferry.

13. Touring the Michelle Park Horticultural Conservatory

Michelle Park Horticultural Conservatory is one of the best botanical gardens in Wisconsin. Also known as The Domes, this park boasts over 1,800 plant species sourced from different parts of the globe.
It takes approximately an hour to take a self-guided tour of the garden. The site consists of several propagation greenhouses, one of which is reserved for special events like seminars. Park visitors can experience improved mental wellness and get inspired by interacting with the plant museum.

The Domes hosts events like plant exhibitions and educational workshops on wellness, mindfulness, and sustainability which are a good fit for corporate teams. However, park rules apply for the proper preservation of the plants.

Learn more about Michelle Park Horticultural Conservatory.

14. Fellowship at The Basilica of Saint Josaphat

The Basilica of Saint Josaphat is a church with a rich history of Polish immigrants to Milwaukee. The historical church highlights the ethnic heritage and spiritual commitment of its founders.

Corporate groups that tour this basilica get an opportunity to learn and appreciate Milwaukee’s history and the church’s contribution to society. Teams can participate in community-building activities like hosting a fundraiser to donate to the Basilica’s charity works. Or returning good deeds to colleagues by buying and exchanging gifts from the church’s gift shop.

Learn more about The Basilica of Saint Josaphat.

15. Escape Room at Breakout Games

Escape rooms provide an interactive opportunity for teams to solve problems together in a given time. The quests are usually immersive, involving a series of mental or physical challenges or a combination of the two.

Breakout has interesting rooms and accommodates groups of up to eight participants. Nonetheless, special arrangements for teams as large as 200 participants are available with prior booking.
Some of the Breakout Game’s best rooms are:
Operation Casino: Players spy on the casino to locate a missing secret agent. The quest is a good fit for espionage lovers.

The Kidnapping: Players are kidnapped. With blindfolds and handcuffs, they must team up to free one another and escape before their tormentor returns.
Museum Heist: Players, former art thieves, have got to recover a recently stolen precious artwork. The players have limited time and must get the collection before the grand exhibition starts.

Learn more about Breakout Games.

17. Safehouse

Safehouse offers the leading spy-themed corporate party ideas in Milwaukee. The facility is open for day and night party events such as birthdays and staff or company milestone celebrations.
Safehouse has an in-house restaurant and bar offering visiting groups food and drinks. Teams may book dinners, brunches, or happy hours, among other events. To help teams have a fulfilling experience at Safehouse, make a reservation beforehand.

The fun begins at the entrance, where members must provide a password or do some fun tasks to gain access.

Learn more about Safehouse.

18. Live Concert at The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is among the top orchestras in the US. The music concerts at this facility include classical and contemporary music that inspires listeners and promotes music talent.
The orchestra has full-time professional musicians who do live performances and recordings. Teams can enjoy watching the concert for pure enjoyment, relaxation, and bonding.

Besides music entertainment, The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra hosts several programs to support children and their families. For instance, the Adult Lecture Series, the Arts in Community Education (ACE) Program, and Meet the Music Pre-concert Talks. Corporate teams may support the programs through partnership and donations.

Learn more about The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

19. Strolling at Milwaukee Riverwalk

The Milwaukee Riverwalk connects three riverfronts, Downtown, Beerline B, and the Historic Third Ward. The river walk is an art hub with permanent and temporary sculptures spread across the trail.
Workers who stroll by the river benefit from fresh air and exercise. In addition, the activity is an interesting way of discovering the city and getting to connect better. For instance, by sampling Milwaukee’s best pubs and shops and exploring nightlife together.

Learn more about Milwaukee Riverwalk.

20. Laser Tag at CMP Tactical Lazer Tag

The CMP Tactical Lazer Tag is one of the best laser tag venues in Wisconsin state. The facility has state-of-art props and Hi-Tech laser guns to help ensure that clients get a memorable experience.
Corporate teams engaging in laser tag have fun playing in teams. The game’s mission is to attack the opponents and dodge the enemies’ lasers. The game provides ultimate amusement while enhancing teamwork and communication skills.

Laser Tag sessions are flexible, and players can choose how much time to spend. For instance, a one-hour session can provide satisfactory amusement to most players.

Learn more about CMP Tactical Lazer Tag.

21. Performances at The Pabst Theater

The Pabst Theatre is among Milwaukee’s best places to experience indoor corporate events. The theater, also famously called the Grande Olde Lady, hosts over a hundred shows annually.
The shows are great for team building and unwinding. The Pabst Theater offers different kinds of live performances for groups to select and reserve. The shows include a mix of comedy, opera, and dances.

Learn more about Pabst Theater.


Milwaukee has robust indoor and outdoor corporate event ideas. For example, team members can immerse themselves in engaging activities like playing volleyball at the beach, competing in Pride Trivia, and learning about heritage in museums. Participants may also tour around the lake and town or explore the breweries. The corporate event ideas in Milwaukee are insightful and physically stimulating to give participants a wholesome experience.

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FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Here are common questions about corporate event ideas in Milwaukee.

What are some ideas for corporate events in Milwaukee?

Engaging corporate event ideas in Milwaukee include dining, playing laser tags, finding the hidden stripey guy, and playing beach volleyball.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Milwaukee?

Some of the best ways to entertain corporate event attendees include games and cooking competitions. Playing refreshing music, sharing captivating stories, and celebrating over a happy hour are good examples of creating a relaxing mood.

The host also contributes to a wonderful experience by being professional, engaging, and humorous.

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